Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Pinup shopping on a budget

Now I know this one has been LONG awaited and its one I'm honestly asked ALL the time, so I thought I'd push out my cigarette pants review and deliver it to you all!

Pinup shopping on a budget!!

Now, I know...when you start out...it can be really hard to justify spending a LOT of money on pinup things. I know I was. I was worried still it wasn't for me, I was losing weight at the time, I was filled with a LOT of uncertainty AND...I didn't have a massive money allowance to build my wardrobe with. All these things meant I picked up a lot of ways to build a wardrobe without breaking the bank! A lot of these now feel like common sense to me but beginning a new dress style can be scary! So lets begin!

Get your basics cheap!

 There are a lot of 'basic' pinup things that can be purchased from cheaper stores that actually are ok quality that are GREAT for all pinups. For example, almost all of my cardigans are from either kmart or a cheap shop. I think the most I've paid for a cardigan that isn't a branded one is $12. The kmart ones I paid $8. They come in a variety of colours, are warm, compliment my outfit and don't break the bank. The same goes for shoes. Most of my flats come from the likes of Kmart again or Rubi Shoes. Good basic shoes that go with most casual outfits that leave my money free to purchase other things that might be more expensive. My first hair flowers were kmart flowers and I think I paid $3 each. While the quality wasn't great, they were an ideal starting point for a beginner. 

Below are my list of things that I did buy/still buy from no name kind of stores that I can work into my look and really helped me starting out:

  • Cardigans
  • Singlet tops (for reducing boob for tops to be more work appropriate)
  • Scoop neck style tee's are great with swing skirts
  • Ballet flats
  • Accessories
  • Bags
  • You can occasionally kind awesome skirts/dress of a vintage feel in cheaper stores

Outlets are your friend!

I love the Dangerfield brand. Sadly, I find 99% of their clothes don't work with my proportions but when I was starting their brand really helped me find the confidence to step up to the brands I now love that are higher end. I bought 100% of my Dangerfield stuff from the Clearit outlet in Newtown, which sells last season stuff CHEAP! I still check them out for tops occasionally! You'd be surprised how many stores have clearence outlets. For example? An Aussie pinup girl who loves Alannah Hill cardigans? In Birkenhead point Sydney they have a clearance outlet....Review is just across from them if they also tickle your fancy. These are great places to snag some savings and get items that can be great staples in your wardrobe later down the track!

Sales are your friend!

One of my dreams is to go to a Pin  Up Girl Clothing Yard sale! Why? Because I see the incredible savings my US lovelies I follow make when they attend these events! As a pinup sales are honestly your friend because I've found...not much really goes out of fashion. There are certain cuts/styles that are pinup but most is open to personal interpretation. I wear things I bought 2 years ago and still get compliments. You can wear it over and over and its not an issue. Therefore, sales items are your friend. I recently saved over $100.00 on two skirts I bought from PUG because I got them on sale! If you see a brand you like, sign up to their newsletter! Get the inside scoop on sales and when they are happening. Try and keep a little bit of rainy day money tucked away for when these sales drop, because the savings are honestly worth it, especially when it comes to the higher end brands!

Get on the buy/swap/sell pages on FB!

These are honestly a treasure trove for ladies looking for pieces to buy. I've made some INCREDIBLE savings in this department and it gives you access to things that mightn't be stocked any longer. It can also help put you in touch with other pin up clothing loving ladies! These are a growing trend and I think they are absolutely awesome!


 Now eBay is truly where I shine bright in bargin hunting! I can easily say that around 50% of my wardrobe comes from eBay and I've paid around half price or less for most near new items! My most recent score was a vintage swing skirt suit by Tatyana Boutique that I scored for less than the cost of just the jacket on eBay! I mean the savings can be incredible! However, its also very easy to be duped and waste money on imitation stuff, so here is the hints I have that I live by!

  1. Be specific in your brand searches! I found imitation after imitation by just doing a broad search of 'Pin up' but found a heap of second hand PUG stuff by searching the full brand name 'pinup girl clothing'
  2. Be wary if they don't post up photos of the actual item and just use images that are used by other sites like PUG
  3. Save your searches! That way you can check on newly listed items!
  4. Don't be afraid to buy good brands like PUG/tatyana's boutique second hand. Most of my stuff I bought was worn a handful of times when I bought it and is still in perfect condition 2 years later.
  5. Ask questions. If you are interested in an item but have some questions, ask the seller. Remember, they want to sell the item, they'll get back to you (most of the time)!!
Some of my saved searches on eBay are:
  • Pin up Girl Clothing
  • Pin up Couture
  • Bettie Page Clothing
  • Deadly Dames
  • Hell Bunny
  • Stop Staring
  • Voodoo Vixen
  • Rock Steady
And I've found some AMAZING savings through these! 

Honorable Mention

I'm going to mention op shopping purely because I know SO many girls who have success with it but I honestly have never had any. If you have time to thrift and know the right areas you can find yourself some gems. I feel like this takes practice, a skilled eye and a bit of luck. I prefer the slight certainty of being able to look at my leisure.

I hope this has been helpful to a lot of ladies and I look forward to more posts like this soon!

Much love!


  1. I totally agree with you!
    Sales are you friends and I'm a big opp shopper, i have found many alannah hill and dangerfield outfits at the opp shop. (from melbourne) I also think it depends where you go.
    I love your blog! Please do the review on the Cigarette pants :)

    1. *With the opp shop i find you cant go in looking for anything in particular. and find out what are their 'days' when the new goodies hit the shop floor ;)