Wednesday, 10 August 2016

1940's suit glamour with Jack's Daughter

As my love of the 1940’s has continued to flourish, one thing that has continually caught my eye is the suits. There is something just so amazingly fabulous about a 1940’s suit. It’s a power suit. Strong yet with how they were worn incredibly feminie. I bought my first suit, an amazing red one which is an early 50’s make earlier this year and I instantly fell in love. It was my first authentic  vintage suit, though I do own two other suits that are reproduction which I adore just as much. One thing I have struggled a bit with though, is finding styles of blouses I like that feel authentic enough to wear with my suits. I ummed and ahhed about Jack’s Daughter for quite a while before taking the plunge and I’m honestly glad I did!

Hat ~ Black velvet vintage hat
Suit ~ True Vintage from Word from the Bird
Blouse ~ 1940's repro blouse from jacks' daughter
Brooch ~ Senorita Sherry Blossom Brooch from Miss Lady A Broad
Shoes ~ Moscato Two tone Oxfords from Royal Vintage Shoes (review coming soon)
Jack’s Daughter is a small hand made reproduction vintage store on etsy, based in Australia. It was one of those stores I found early on in the piece but kind of just browsed through on occasion…never really feeling 100% sure that it was for me. As my love of the 1940’s swelled, I knew I wanted to add more 1940’s styles to my wardrobe and I found myself repeatedly coming back to their blouses. The fit and overall look suited the aesthetic I was wanted. After adding the blouse to my cart and having it sit there for a fortnight I finally took the plunge and made my purchase. The thing I loved most about this purchase is that it was made to my measurements. Which means that I didn’t have to worry about it not fitting.

I placed my order and I had a note sent to me by the owner, just letting me know the time frame for making my top. I was kept in the loop and a little over a week after I placed my order I got my notification that my blouse was on its way to me. I ordered the blouse that had the red detailing and buttons. It arrived quickly for Australia post times and I was so thrilled to see that it looked just as gorgeous in person as it did online. I tried it on and was delighted to find it fit perfectly. I added an extra inch to the arm measurements for a more comfortable fit and it was spot on. The attention to detail was beautiful and its such a comfortable blouse to wear!

I am so pleased that its gone so perfectly with my vintage suit. I’ve also worn it with my swing pants and absolutely loved the look. The high collar is something a bit different for me but I still feel like it works. The button detail with the small bust opening means I don’t feel so covered and the slight puff to the sleeves means that I appear to have slightly bigger shoulders than I actually do, which is a feature of most 1940’s suit looks. As an avid red wearer I LOVE that this has the red rick rack line across the front and it ties in so beautifully with the red button detailing.

This blouse is incredible easy to get on and off, featuring a side zip and simply undo the button at the front. I would advise however to put makeup on AFTER you put it on, as the collar and front opening can rub along the face quite a bit which can transfer the make up onto the shirt. It’s well made, comfortable and a dream to style and wear. I’m already planning my next Jack’s Daughter purchase of another gorgeous blouse! It breathes well which is also a BIG thing for me as I’m finding my skin isn’t coping well with fabrics that don’t breath. Jack’s Daughter also make a variety of other items from skirts, dresses and playsuits of varying eras.

I paid $75AUD for my custom size ordered Jack’s Daughter blouse plus $8.50 postage, which considering it was made to measure is well priced. I received it in a timely fashion and I’m over the moon with the product. This is a store I can strongly recommend for gals after retro styled items that are made to order!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review and I look forward to bringing my review of these gorgeous shoes included in some of today’s photos to the blog this week!
Til next time darlings!


  1. Could I ask, where were those photos taken? It's such a gorgeous location!

  2. You really look stylish in this vintage suit,i love the color combination.You can visit my vintage collection as well