Sunday, 1 February 2015

OOTD weekly overview ~ 26/1/2015-1/2/2015

Its Sunday which means its time for my weekly outfit overview for you all!!!!

Monday 26/1/2015

It was Australia Day here in Aussieland so I channeled our national flag...
Scarf: Navy Scarf ~ Tatyana Boutique
Top: Red Dolores Top ~ Collectif
Belt: Retro Belt in White ~ Hellbunny
Shorts: Navy high waisted shorts ~ Pin Up Girl Clothing

Tuesday 27/1/2015

Meetings meant it was another office chic day...
Dress: Veronica dress in Black/red ~ Hellbunny
Shoes: Red cutie heels ~ Pin Up Girl Clothing

Wednesday 28/1/2015

Running errands and it was actually cool...
Top: Kmart 
Brooch: Mermaid Brooch ~ Erstwilder
Belt: white bow belt ~ Ebay
Skirt: Black Cannes Skirt ~ Hellbunny
Petticoat: Red
Shoes: Red Cutie Heels ~ Pin Up Girl Clothing

Thursday 29/1/2015

Just generally looking fabulous...
Dress: White Cannes Dress ~ Hellbunny
Belt: Bow belt ~ Ebay
Petticoat: Red
Shoes: Red cutie Heels ~ Pin Up Girl Clothing

Friday 30/1/2015

Was feeling a need for some of my darker confidence...
Wig: Ebay
Suit: Military Suit ~ Hell Bunny
Shoes: Red Cutie Heels ~ Pin Up Girl Clothing

Saturday 31/1/2015

Running errands in prep for the markets...
Scarf: Pink repro nylon ~ Closet Confessions Boutique
Top: Flamingo Button top ~ Hellbunny
Shorts: Dangerfield
Shoes: Rubi Shoes

Sunday 1/2/2015

Rocking it at the Rock n Roll Markets...
Flowers: Pink Pastel Princess piece ~ Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Brooch: Frog ~ Erst Wilder
Dress: Rita Dress in black ~ Pin Up Girl Clothing
Belt: Pink bow belt ~ eBay
Shoes: Pink Cutie Heels ~ Pin Up Girl Clothing

Its started off as the week of red and black but slowly moved into other colours! 

A post on the Sydney Rock N Roll Markets is on its way! As well as a recap of my favorite outfits from January tomorrow!

Til then!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


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