Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wishlist Wednesday ~ The Hell Bunny 1940's Edition

Hello all!

So the 1940's mania continues. Currently literally obsessed with this era and its incredible styling! So it only seemed fitting that this week's wishlist and my first blog post back after an unintentional break is dedicated to that style!

So recent love of the 1940's all came from purchasing an era inspired dress from Hell Bunny...and I can honestly say I am HOOKED and already planning more! They are super flattering to my figure as well as being work appropriate which is a total plus! So I thought I'd share some of the other Hell Bunny 1940's dresses I want to add to my collection!

Dress 1 ~ Harriet dress-charcoal / Dress 2 ~ Alveira dress-Teal

Dress 1 ~ Benita dress - Black / Dress 2 ~ June dress-Tobacco

Dress 1 ~ Bernadette dress - Aubergine / Dress 2 ~ Birdy dress - Aubergine

Dress 1 ~ Kim dress - Black / Dress 2 ~ Jocelyn dress - Raspberry

Dress 1 ~ Florrie dress / Dress 2 ~ Moira dress - Cobalt

I'm also on the hunt for the moment for some 1940's hats, though I am yet to find any that really stand out to me personally. I will keep searching though!

I hope you've enjoyed this little Wishlist Wednesday post! Remember, if you'd like me to post something specific, leave a comment or send me an email to

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