Thursday, 25 June 2015

Review ~ Besame Lipstick colour Besame Red

Afternoon all!

Its review time! Today I’m going to talk about my new Besame lipstick I purchased recently from Dames and Dames Ethical Make Up Shop, who I found through the lovely Betty Le Bonbon!

I’ve been curious about Besame lipsticks for quite some time, but I guess for me the price was always a bit of a stalling point for me. I already have a small mountain of lip colors (like the bottom of my handbag is honestly full of lipsticks and liquid to matte colors!) and I wasn’t sure I needed another. But, something pushed me over the line of uncertainty and I ordered one from Dames and Dames after seeing one of Betty’s posts.

So my lipstick arrived and the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous packaging. I’d seen Besame before, even worked in a store that sold it, but never really paid much attention to it. The gold with red detailing of the lipstick is honestly divine and I always feel like a movie star now putting my lipstick on when I’m on the train, purely because my lipstick is gold. It also comes with a cute little red velvet pouch which helps to stop your pretty gold lipstick getting all scratched up and damaged in your handbag. For my first lipstick, I opted for Besame Red. I figured it was their signature red and for a beginner, a great starter option.
I wore it yesterday with the aim of not reapplying it to see how it went throughout a long day. I wore it with my usual red lipliner by Rimmel and applied with a makeup brush.

The first thing I noticed about this colour was how smoothly it goes on. It covered my lips with one coat and a tidy at the edges with a makeup brush. I applied my lipstick at 8.10am in the morning on the way to work. I had it on til I got home around 11.00pm after attending my work EOFY party which involved drinking lemonade and eating thin crust pizza. See how it faired below.
After lunch
After 3 meals

 Overall I loved the wear and I’ve been wearing it most days to work. Its comfortable to wear on the lips, not drying up or drying my lips out. It also didn’t become flakey and peel as well as not bleeding much at all, despite being on for 3 meals. The thing that most impressed me with this lipstick was that it didn’t stain my lips at all when I washed it off last night in the shower. Lip staining is an issue I’ve encountered with a lot of other lip colours and it not staining my lips for a massive winning point for me.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase and am already planning to purchase more Besame lip colours in the future!

To get your own Besame lip colour, you can buy direct or from one of their stockists (Faster Pussycat, The Vintage Drawer and Dames and Damsels as linked above.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this review!

Til tomorrow!

Much love!

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