Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Wishlist Wednesday ~ Viven of Holloway

Hello all!

Its Wednesday and that means its wishlist time! I've received a lot of mixed singles recently about my wishlist posts, as people seem to think I do them as a means to 'suck up and get freebies'. I actually do them to help me keep track of things I like that I want to buy! And a lot of other bloggers do them too so I'll keep on sharing! 

I had the pleasure of being receiving my first ever sponsor from the lovely Vivien of Holloway earlier this year (you can read that review here) and I've since found myself lusting after some of their pieces recently, so thought I'd share some things I've fallen in love with recently!




I love all of these pieces! They'd be amazing for work, which in reality is what I buy for 99% of the time now.

I hope you've enjoyed this Wishlist Wednesday post!

I've got an exciting review coming for you tomorrow!

Til tomorrow!

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