Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Pinup Misconceptions

Hi all,

Just a little post I thought I'd share about pin up styling and time. A lot of ladies comment on that it must take me 'forever' to get ready and 18 months ago they would have been right. When I was a fledgling pinup, eyeliner took nearly an hour on its own, my hair was a 1.5-2 hour long affair and trying to get the balance of my outfits right meant getting ready used to take around 3 hours. 

Thank goodness those times are no more!

What a lot of newbies overlook is that the old saying 'practice makes perfect' really does apply here. The more practice you have, the better you get at things and the quicker you can accomplish them. 

Now days for example, in reflection to my previous 3 hours, I get ready every morning within 30 minutes total. Thats hair, makeup and getting dressed (foundation garments AND clothes). I also pick my outfit on the day so all my styling is done within a matter of minutes. 

How? Practice!! After nearly 2 years I've learnt what works best for me and through that I've been able to apply that to my look and made it an integrated part of my life. 

Below I've made a list of almost DAILY comments I get in regards to my look VS the time it takes me to actually achieve it and the actual facts of my life that people find it hard to believe! 

   That hair must have taken you hours?!

Nope!e. The average hairstyle for me takes 10-20 minutes, depending on what I’m doing and pinup styles use lots of little tricks. For example, a beehive normally takes me 10-15 minutes. A brush out  of a wetset takes me 10 minutes with 10 minutes setting time the night before. Its normally if I have a shoot I spent more time on my hair, but I’ve been doing pinup hair now for around 18 months and I know how to do the basics in minimal time, depending on my hair's mood of course..

 Your makeup must have taken forever?! 

Nope. Same deal as my hair. A lot of ladies comment on my eyeliner taking a lot of time but now days to be honest, my eyebrows take longer than my eyeliner. Again, practice is key and this is the style I wear daily, just like a lot of city women (in my area) prefer the natural makeup look. Just like that wouldn’t take them more than 10-20 minutes max, mine takes around 10 total face with my lips normally getting applied with a compact on the train. 

It must take you forever to get dressed up like that!

Nope again! I generally pick my outfit and put it on in a space of 5-10 minutes. I pick in the morning, unless I have something specific on at the time (shoot, event, dinner out, etc). I also pick my foundation garments when I pick my outfit. Getting dressed for me is no different to anyone else dressing themselves, I find I just have more layers, thats all. 

Remember, as you learn more about pin up styling and fashions, things will come quicker to you in regards to styling. It just takes time

I hope you've enjoyed this little blog post! I have another coming for you all later tonight!

Til then


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  2. I am so glad that you posted this. I love doing my makeup very similar to yours, and I ALWAYS get people saying "Wow, you must have spent all morning on that eye liner!". Which is not true. You are 100% right about practice, practice, practice!


  3. Very true, practice makes perfect! You're a doll, ciao from Italy! :)

  4. So true! It took me forever to do my hair and makeup when I first started. Practice makes perfect and all that jazz. I am forever having people comment on how long my hair must have taken when I'm wearing it IN PINCURLS under a scarf. I have to try to explain to them that no, I took no time doing my hair... I actually slept on the hair I did yesterday.