Monday, 20 April 2015

The Daisy Jean Shoot weekend!

I have been rather MIA over the past two weeks and I promise I have a great reason!

Last month, after attending my first ever Sydney Rock n Roll Markets for my accessories brand Daisy Jean Floral Designs, I decided I wanted to utilise my brand to help other pinups grow. I often talk about women supporting women, especially in the pinup community and I guess I wanted to put my money where my mouth was!

So, as of the end of March 2015, I brought on pinup gals Miss Chelsea Kate and Miss Cherry Button to be the faces of Daisy Jean for 2015! During their time with Daisy Jean the ladies get a variety of things including: 
  1. Goodies from Daisy Jean to keep and wear monthly
  2. Two photo shoots minimum, one which is styled by DJ and one where they self style
  3. Promotion on business pages
  4. Images from the shoots used for any DJ publicity during the time with DJ as well as for the girls to build their portfolios
  5. A signature piece named after them available only during their 12 months with DJ
  6. Opportunities for travel and represent DJ at sponsored events
  7. Opportunity to work at events representing DJ
I wanted to really to offer the face's of my brand as much opportunity for exposure and growth as I could. This literally started as an idea that I posted to see interest on Instagram and SNOWBALLED into something incredible in a matter of days! The weekend just passed for me was an accumulation of WEEKS of hard work and prep to get things together and I am so thrilled with the outcome!

I was up bright and sparky early to head to Newcastle for my first shoot of the three, which was the solo shoot for Miss Chelsea Kate shot by Billy June Photography. This was the shoot where Miss Chelsea got to style and smoulder as she does behind the camera, with some direction from me. 

It was an absolute blast and an entirely new experience being behind the camera as oppose to infront of it. The photos from this shoot have already gotten back to me and they are incredible! I cannot WAIT to share them all with you in the very near future!

We shot a lot of our Tiki range with Miss Chelsea, as against her dark hair they really do pop! Then we moved onto some Glamour style shots, which is REALLY Miss Chelsea's natural zone and boy did she smoulder! She also got introduced to her signature piece which we will be available for made to order only in the coming 2 weeks!

Once shooting was done I was back on the train home, arriving back late and heading to bed for another LONG day.

I was up bright and sparky early (as were the ladies) for a 9.00am-9.30am start for our big joint shoot day! The girls arrived fresh faced while Jenna Kelly did hair and make up for the shoot, with a feel that was classical pin up!

The girls looked AMAZING and once done we set off to our beautiful garden location in Caringbah! The blooms were beautiful, even if it was a little drizzly and with our photographer Lauren Horwood we very quickly worked through photographing pieces!

To be honest, the shoot day was everything I dreamed! The girls were incredible to work with and I feel so truly blessed to be working with two incredibly down to earth young women in 2015. Seeing the shots of the back of the camera was just...I don't really have words. It was just so amazing to see something I'd been visualising come into reality!

I'll leave you with a teaser I snapped on the day, but BIG things keep happening for Daisy Jean and I'll keep working hard on my little brand to make it the best it can be!

Til tomorrow!

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  1. That's amazing well done lovely! You're a huge inspiration :) xx