Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Wishlist Wednesday ~ The Coat edition

Hello all!

So yesterday I got my first taste of what this winter has to offer and to be frank, it left me a little brow beaten. It seems, through luck my last two years as a pinup I've gotten away with just wearing cardigans in winter as Aussieland just hasn't been all that cold....this year my luck may have run out and it sent me running to look at investing in a coat!

My favorite brands for coats at present are Hell Bunny and Collectif! And while I'm swooning over some of the coats I'm seeing on Collectif...

Pearl Coat from Collectif UK
I'm questioning their practicality when it comes to my life. I go through a BIG daily commute to get to work and I worry such a long, pretty coat like this would get damaged. Maybe I might splurge a bit later in the year on something of this level of glamour, but for now I think it'll remain a drooling point.

Three coats I am considering though as I know I'd wear them are:

The Trixie coat in both pastel pink & blue.

I say both because I wear SO much of both of these colours now days that I couldn't pick! I feel a lot more comfortable in not having any detail around the hem as public transport can be rough.

The other Hell bunny I'm loving at the moment is the Hell Bunny Shonna Coat in black! This is such a nice cut of jacket and I love the detailing on it!

It also comes in Teal and Red which are both seducing me slowly as well.


I'm planning on investing in a coat before the end of May, otherwise I feel I may just freeze this winter! Also expect to see a lot more knitwear and stockings from me as the cold weather shift comes through!

That's it for today,

Happy Wednesday!

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