Friday, 5 February 2016

A wiggle dress dream ~ Talking about foundations ~ the Rago #6207 Panty Girdle

So foundation garmets are something I wear a lot of and therefore something I get asked a lot about. 2015 seemed to be the year I embraced more traditional foundation garments. As my weight jumped due to my struggle with my anxiety, foundations became my amour, my savour and the only thing really keeping me in half my clothes. While it started as a way to fit into my clothes, I began to actually really fall in love with foundations and began branching into pieces that were completely alien to me. 

The whole point of foundations is to smooth the body and help you achieve certain shapes. I was finding that I wasn't loving my body in wiggle styles and that suspenders weren't really giving me the desired look under tight dresses. Plus, being a girl with thicker thighs, I found just wearing suspenders was leading to some hell bad thigh chaffing, which at times made walking near impossible! Hard to feel confident when you feel like Satan is rubbing your inner thighs! So, after looking around and possibly stalking the Nylon Swish's blog I decided to do something that felt very scary and order myself the 6207 Panty Girdle, to try and aviate my foundation woes. 

So sizing? Knowing I am quite bigger in the booty with a 44 inch hip and as low as a 30 inch waist, depending on the day, I sized up to a XL in this piece, because honestly I'd rather it be a little bigger than feel I was getting cut in half. I find the XL to be comfortable and the right level of shaping for me. Because I am quite short in the torso, I find I need to wear a longline bra (also Rago No #2202) with this panty girdle to help smooth above it, as it finished for me not far below my rib line, which can cause a noticable bump which really isn't flattering. 

Not wanting to wait for international shipping, I purchased mine from MisKonduct in Newcastle and with express shipping I had it the same day. Now the first thing you will think, when you unwrap your new panty girdle in excitement, is OMG this thing is TOO small!! I personally had a mild freak out thinking there was NO way I was ever going to get my ass into it. But chill. Relax. Its actually really deceptive. I got home that night, feeling very apprehensive but I locked myself in my room and battled the elements (not really but it felt like it!) to wiggle this sucker up! The first time is honestly always the hardest because it hasn't been stretched out before. 

Once I was in it though, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. It didn't hide my natural curves, just smooth them out and bring them in a little. The difference was quite noticable in reducing the appearance of bumps and cellulite through clothes as well as nipping me in at the tummy and waist. Its also long enough in the legs to stop thigh chaffing!!! So its perfect for days you want to wear a wiggle dress without feeling like your thighs are on fire. It also has detachable suspender hooks inside the bottom of the legs (see above left picture) which means you can still wear stockings with tighter styles without the bumps being hugely noticeable. 

Now this girdle does come with a slight flip in the leg and crotch for using the bathroom. I wouldn't recommend using it. I speak from experience! Simply pull this down like underwear and wiggle yourself back in when you're done. Over time it will get easier to shimmy it up and down but you'll still have awesome results with your shaping. Also I've never had an instance of thigh chaffing while wearing this bad boy! It truly is amazing in that regard!

So how, you may ask, does this translate to changing how you look in clothes? Well, I'll show you. I chose this dress from Starlet Fever (read my review of this dress here) as the lighter colour and silk fabric shows shaping the best. Left is with a normal bra and undies. Right is with the longline bra and panty girdle. 


As you can see, the panty girdle ultimately smooths lines, nips the waist in and really helps define your curves.

This girdle is on the firmer side and I'd honestly recommend stepping upto something like this after starting with a firmer style suspender belt and a longline bra first. If you aren't used to wearing foundations this piece could be very daunting to wear!

I hope you've enjoyed this review! Please feel free to ask me questions if you have any!

Til next time darlings!

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