Monday, 1 May 2017

Summer Styling with Lady K Loves Patio Set

We all know I’m a sucker for versatility. I talk about it often on my blog. Having so many different things in my wardrobe, I like to invest in pieces I can not only wear to a variety of different places but also wear a lot of different ways! Mix and match separates are therefore very high on my list. I find them easier to swap around than a dress is and teaming them with different things can create whole new looks. I’ve never owned pieces that could be regarded as a ‘set’ though. Until I got my first ‘patio’ set from LadyK Loves and its been an incredibly fun experience.

Earrings ~ Bamboo Hoops from Ebay
Beads ~ Black Beads from Debstar Designs
Shoes ~ Tiki mauls from Pinup Couture Shoes

Based in the UK, Lady K Loves is a brand I’ve featured before and its one I absolutely adore. I’ve featured their curve friendly designs before, but this set truly is one of my favourites. The patio set is a blouse style top and skirt set, which is worn to create a ‘matching’ separates look. While my colourway is now out of make for the patio set, Lady K loves have a great V patterned summer blouse in 3 different colourways that can help create this effortlessly glamourous look. Both styles of the patio set for some reason make me think of desert terrain and after quite a bit of searching I finally found the most amazing backdrop for it!

Summer Blouse in Abstract Coral (discontinued)
Mexican Patio Pattern in Coral

The Summer Blouse from Lady K Loves is a Mexican Patio style blouse complete with ribbon and rick rac embodied V design down the shoulders and across the chest. Now while I don’t have this exact pattern, the style is the same so let’s talk comfort and fit! Honestly, I adore the Summer Blouse. Made of 100% organic cotton its comfortable, it breathes well and it can be worn with a huge variety of outfits. I love the attention to detail Lady K has gone to with this blouse as well, adding diamonte buttons (the other patterns have this too) and by stopping the buttons a bit early too it gives you the option to either tuck it into your skirt or wear it tied like I have for this shoot. A slight slit on either side at the bottom also allows for a comfortable hip fit. I’m wearing the large and it fits really well. I feel like this top would also look amazing with a high waisted shorts or jeans for more casual summer look too!

The darling skirt is the circle skirt style from Lady K Loves and it also matches their Patio Set. The Darling skirt is also made of 100% organic cotton and wears very light. Being 100% cotton I find that it can err on the see-through side, especially if you wear darker colours under the lighter colourways, but a slip or petticoat easily fixes this. For summer this skirt was amazing! Being super light and airy it breathed really well in our super humid weather this past summer season and would be amazing for any gal who lives somewhere where it gets hot and humid. 

The Darling skirt is incredibly comfortable and well wearing. It features a button and zip closure and it has pockets too! (which as a girl makes this skirt SUPER exciting!). The darling comes in coral (like I’m wearing) raspberry, turquoise and black. The three brighter colourways are also on sale at the moment! I’m wearing the large, which is a bit snug naturally atm but is fine when I lace into my corset (which in reality is more often than not now days!). I found the darling runs true to size and one I love having in my wardrobe, even if the coral colour challenges my styling skills a bit!

Keeping with the desert theme for this look, I wore one of my newest brooch purchase from Bel Air Baby. Their Prickly Pear Cactus heart brooch was the perfect addition to this look as well as being amazing value at just $12AU + postage! My other accessories I kept black to tie in with the pattern in my shirt. A black rose double from Daisy Jean and black beads from Debstar Designs kept it simple with bamboo hoops for some natural tones to tie in with my wooden heels.

The Patio set in coral, turquoise is currently on sale! With the coloured skirts only £36.00/$62Au (Save £9/$15.50AU!) and the Summer blouse reduced to £34.00/$58.70AU (save £8/$13.80AU!). The blackDarling skirt is also a steal at just £39.00/$37.30! Shipping to Australia is also only £12.00/$20.70 and has a pretty quick turnaround time too!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review! I’ve got some more Lady K Loves coming to the blog this month so keep your eyes peeled!

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Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this set in a collaboration with Lady K Loves, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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  1. Gorgeous photos with the desert style background! Love this whole outfit on you too! xo