Tuesday 30 December 2014

So 2015 is nearly upon us!

And my goodness didn't that creep up ever so quickly! It seems just the other day I was celebrating Christmas in 2013! Time does fly in this life of ours and its important to make the most of it!

In June 2014 I implemented a clothing buy ban. Needless to say its been an INCREDIBLY hard 6 months! I only allowed 4 purchases which were for specific reasons (my dresses for competing in Miss Picture Perfect and for one social event) and overall I'm very proud of how well I did. Especially after enjoying 8 months of solid wardrobe building! So 2015 is the start of reopening that door and I thought this time I'd share more detail about my wardrobe, brands I enjoy and purchases, especially since I get SO many questions regarding these things on my other blog space!

So in this space you can expect clothing reviews, outfit posts, beauty reviews and recommendations, hair how to's, wishlists and a small section I hope to share soon! 

Also as a new year I'm hoping to work with new companies and businesses to help promote them to my growing following! If you are interested please feel free to contact me! I also have some advertising spaces here as well available!

Looking forward to a beautiful 2015 with you all to share with you even more details about my continuing journey into pinup and how its helping me to find myself!

Til the new year!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose