Overall Shopping Guide + Australian Stores!

Hello darlings!

I wanted to create a resource page of different brands for all things from businesses both big and small as well as an Australian pinup directory for us Aussies, as we can often feel left out in the pinup stakes, with a lot of the BIG brands located in the USA and UK/Europe. I imagine this could also be helpful for newbies to pin up too, who are unsure of the brands or stores around.

The BIG brand directory

These are what I'd consider the 'heavy weights' when it comes reproduction pin up throughout the world. Please note these are clothing brands and not resellers. I've put brands I own/have bought from in italics.


Hell Bunny (resell only)
Banned Apparel (resell only)

International Accessory brand and stores
Glitter Paradise (France)

Smaller International Clothing Businesses
Green of Grey (Spain)
Nudee Dudee (USA)

My favorite Australian Small Businesses

These are my favorite Australian small businesses, sorted into catageories. Again, I've put the sellers I've dealt with personally in italics.


Clothing (own store and etsy)



True Vintage Directory

This directory is for true vintage stores. In this directory I've only included stores I've bought from and had positive experiences with.

The Vintage Drawer (facebook) - Clothing and accessories


I've given shoes its own subheading as there aren't really any Australian makers of retro shoes atm and only a small market. 

I get 99% of my shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes who I am a brand ambassador for! They have amazing customer service and ship worldwide. They are a reseller who are soon to release their own range of vintage reproduction shoes!

Lingerie and Foundation Garments
I've given a list of all the vintage/retro repro brands I know of. As before, I've put brands I own in Italics. Most brands I buy direct. Rago I get on eBay.

My own businesses
I only have two of my own small businesses that make accessories too.

Daisy Jean Floral Designs makes hair flowers and resin jewellery as well as stocking scarves and snoods.
My store Mermaid Missi is just for fun and makes mermaid and ocean inspired accessories.

I hope you've all found this guide to be helpful!

If you see a business missing that you think should be added, please drop me an email at missosiriarose@gmail.com

**I have only included businesses that I have dealt with personally and had positive experiences with or that I have been admiring with plans of purchasing. I have not included businesses that partake in poor conduct.

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  1. WoW, thank you! Being from South Africa makes my heart cry just as much as yours due to the poor exchange rate. But I can always look out for sales on these sites. Thanks again for this list <3