Monday, 29 February 2016

Weekly outfits ~ 22nd February 2016

Hello all,

My goodness how the year is flying! I cannot believe that March is almost here! Its a bit crazy to be honest. It feels like each year is getting faster and faster. 


Brooch ~ Erstwilder


Brooch ~ Erstwilder
Top ~ Portmans (discontinued)
Belt & Skirt ~ Hellbunny (check ebay)


Shoes ~ Payless (disconinuted)


Brooch ~ Jubly Umph (review coming this week!)
Dress ~ Hell Bunny (search ebay)


Brooch ~ Erstwilder
Top ~ Portmans (discontinued)
Shoes ~ Payless (discontinued)


Jewellery ~ Lovisa (discontinued)


Brooch ~ Erstwilder (discontinued)
Dress ~ Banned Apparel from Gwynnies (reviewing soon)
Shoes ~ Payless (discontinued)

I've got some exciting reviews and posts coming this week! I hope you all have an amazing week, wherever you may be!

Til next time

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Standing tall in Miss L Fire Lila heels from Royal Vintage Shoes

Its not secret I've become a bit obsessed with the 1940s era of clothing. I may have mentioned it once...twice...multiple times online and on this blog space! Its an era of a simple glamour about its ladies that I absolutely adore and while I am incredibly anti-war, I find the notion that these women stepped up to the plate to help get their nations through a time of hardship to be incredibly inspiring. As I'm starting to build my 1940s wardrobe a bit more, I honestly couldn't go past the incredible Lila 1940s platform heels from Royal Vintage Shoes, made by Miss L Fire.

I was so excited when these pretty shoes arrive in the box for me, all the way from the big USA. These are my second pair of Miss L Fire shoes, which without a doubt are the best pair of shoes I currently own!. So comfortable, practical and easy to wear I so super pumped for my next pair. The first thing I noticed was the height. After trotting around in my Betty sandals for most of the summer I suddenly felt like a giant! The height did take some getting used to but once I did I felt unstoppable.

Flowers ~ Red Rose Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Snood ~ Ebay
Brooch ~ Jubly Umph
Dress ~ Word from the bird
Firstly, lets talk about that all important breaking in period! You will need stockings for the first 4 or so wears. I personally found that on the third wear they gave my blisters around the ankle strap on the inside, but after another wear in stockings the inside fabric on the strap has softened enough to stop that happening. Aside from that I had no issues during the wear in period. No blisters around the back of the ankle and none in the front toe section. Incredibly comfortable from the word go.

Next up: detailing. The construction and detailing of these shoes is incredible! The front is black velvet featuring a small knot at the top of the foot. The heel base and platform are covered in small silver dots! How absolutely adorable is that! Such a great understated shoe that could easily be both formal and casual.

I did find the fit of these to be slightly bigger than my Betty Sandals. I bought the 7.5, which is the same size as my other Miss L Fire but find they do slip a bit on my smaller foot. While they do run a little big, I feel sizing down would have made them too small and its nothing a jelly insert in the back of the smaller heel cannot fit!

The price of these shoes, considering the quality, amazing construction and comfort is very reasonable. These babies price in at $120US which is $166AUD or 85 British pounds). Until I got my first pair of Miss L Fire shoes I was somewhat sceptical of their price but I can honestly say these shoes are in investment. Not only will the last but your feet will honestly thank you, especially if you are someone like me who gets a lot of tension and cramps in their feet when their feet aren't supported properly! Royal Vintage Shoes ships worldwide as well, so all ladies can have incredible shoes!

Also can we just take a quick moment to admire how beautiful this vintage dress is! Its my first ever vintage 1940s dress and I think I am honestly in love. I was unsure about the pleats originally but now I think they look amazing! Excited for Autumn to wear this baby! A big thank you to Word from the Bird which is where I purchased it from! Her vintage store is amazing and she stocks bigger sizes!

If you loved my little Jubly Umph brooch, keep your eyes peeled for a blog post of her new range on my blog over the weekend!

Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you've enjoyed it!

Til next time darlings!

I hope you all enjoyed this 
Disclaimer: Whilst I received these shoes as part of a sponsorship with Royal Vintage Shoes, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Roar with the Erstwildersaurus Collection!

So as I covered in a previous post, I'm a bit of a dork. Ok I'm a dork. A bit doesn't even cover it. Yes I like to look pretty and polished but a lot of my spare time is spent soaking up documentaries and I do actively try and learn new things every day. As a kid, my thurst for learning was almost insatiable! I would often read the encyclopaedia Britanica books my grandfather bought me for fun, while I enjoyed cartoons I would watch Animal Plant and Discovery Channel with equal enthusiasm and I was no stranger to asking my mother to give my 'assignments' to complete over the long school holidays!

Dinosaurs in particular were a huge childhood love of mine. I had a large dinosaur toy collection as a kid (its actually still at my grandmothers and is now the 'communal' toys box for kids visiting) which I bought mostly through saving up my pocket money and going to the shops to get a new dinosaur every few weeks. While I did always have a soft spot for the Brontosaurs and the Triceratops, my heart truly belonged with T-Rex and especially the velociraptors. While many kids were scared by Jurassic Park, I was entranced and a love affair that has stayed with me through to adulthood blossomed.

So when I saw Erstwilder were bringing out a dinosaur collection, I knew I had to have it!

Scarf ~ Navy Blue Nylon Scarf from Closet Confessions Boutique
Brooch ~ Peak-a-saurus Rex Brooch from Erstwilder
Top ~ Portmans
Skirt ~ Custom Dinosaur Circle Skirt from Circle Skirt Bazaar
Shoes ~ Kmart

So far I have 3 of the collection and I honestly love them to bits! The 3 I have are:

Cera Says Hello
Peak-a-saurus Rex
 Pterry Pterasaurs 

So what makes these dinosaur brooches so special? Well, firstly they're designed by the owner of Heidi & Gretel, who is another small business owner. What makes Heidi & Gretel so amazing is that she started her business to help support her Brother Scotty, who has Cerebral Palsy. Proceeds from her business go towards helping Scotty get to his day program, as the price of transport is quite expensive.  

I loved that Erstwilder and Heidi and Gretel collaborated on this range! I think its an amazing combination of efforts to create a truly unique and fun collection! 

So far, the Peak-a-Saurus Rex has gotten the most workout in my wardrobe. I love the red and green colours. I think he's so fun to accessorise and he's so incredibly fun. Plus, as a lover of the carnivorous kind he's one of my favorites for those reasons too, as clearly seen in my first photo on this post.

My Cera says Hello is probably the second most worn brooch for me out of this collection. She's so cute and dainty and her colours mean she works with a lot of my pastels!

Plus Triceratops are totally adorable! I couldn't resist another derp face with little horns! She's a total cutie and I strong recommend her!

Lastly is  Pterry Pterasaurs who is a little flyer. I personally find him a little more difficult to wear due to his size, but when I have worn him as a statement piece is has been with incredible success!I love his pink and mint hues.

Also, did you know if you purchase any of this collection from either:

They will donate $2 of the sale to Scotty! How absolutely awesome is that!

  Now before I finish up darlings, I just wanted to stop and have a quite talk about my amazing dinosaur skirt! With my mum recently opening her own little etsy store, I hit her up for a dinosaur skirt because you know, I'm an adult and I can make my own decisions! This is now the first skirt in her store and you can get your own dinosaur skirt from the Circle Skirt Bazaar to satisfy your own inner dinosaur lover! 

I hope you've all enjoyed this blog post as much as I've enjoyed writing it! 

I've got more coming your way this week so keep your eyes peeled!

Also I'll be back on youtube with a new video on Wednesday night for you all!

Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these shoes as part of a sponsorship with Erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Monday, 22 February 2016

Weekly Outfits post ~ 15th February 2016

Hello darlings!

I have exciting news, I'm finally back! After needing to take a 2 week breather from this space to get through a rather stressful move I can happily say I have a whole bunch of posts lined up and ready to roll this week which I hope you all love!! 

But...first lets look at my outfits from last week!


Shoes ~ Payless pink flats (discontinued)


Brooch ~ King of the Bush brooch from Erstwilder (discontinued)
Belt ~ Ebay 


Brooch ~ Be Mine brooch from Jubly Umph (discontinued)
Top ~ Marilyn top in white by Folter (discontinued)


Brooch ~ Flamingo brooch from Erstwilder (discontinued colourway)
Top ~ Marilyn top in black from Folter (discontinued)
Belt ~ Ebay
Skirt ~ Candy skirt in yellow from Hell Bunny (search ebay)


Pants ~ Cropped Trousers in Fleur De Le print from Pin Up Girl Clothing (discontinued)
Shoes ~ pink flats from Payless (discontinued)


Shoes ~ pink flats from Payless (discontinued)

I really loved my outfits last week! I had some awesome looks, with Friday being the most loved online!

I've got a lot to review over the next few weeks so except a lot happening here! 

It feels good to be back!

Til later!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Weekly outfits - Week of Monday 8th February 2016

Good morning darlings!

Last week was a BIG week for me, with lots moving and moving prep! I'm so glad the bulk of the move is now over and I can focus on unpacking! Even if I am wiped off my feet today!



Dress ~ Discontinued lindy bop dress


Top ~ Sabrina top in green from Pin Up Girl clothing (discontinued)
Skirt ~ Tatyana Boutiqute checked circle skirt (discontinued)




Brooch ~ Lionheart brooch from Erstwilder (discontinued)
Top ~ Portmans (discontinued)
Belt ~ Ebay
Skirt ~ Kinky box pleat skirt in leopard from Pin Up Girl Clothing (discontinued)

Friday date night

This week will be another quiet week for me as I settle into my new place and unpack everything. I normally do blog photos on Sundays but was an absolute wreck after moving yesterday so will be getting back into it next week when I'm feeling myself again!

I hope you've enjoyed this weeks outfits!

Til next time!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Weekly Outfits ~ Week of 1st February 2016

Morning darlings!

Oh what a busy bee I was over the weekend! I've begun the oh so fun process of moving house this week which started with a room swap between my fella and his current flatmate, as we need the bigger room. That, coupled with a supply run for my business, the rock n roll markets yesterday and getting my hair done, I didn't get time to pop this up yesterday! 

But here you go! Last week's outfits of the day. No Saturday outfit this post though, I wasn't looking particularly glam.


Shirt ~ Alice top in black and white from collectif (discontinued)
Skirt ~ Joni skirt in red from Hell Bunny (discontinued)


Scarf ~ Hair Discount Warehouse
Top ~ Portmans (discontinued)
Belt ~ Ebay
Shoes ~ Payless (discontinued)




Top ~ portmans (discontinued)
Shoes ~ Payless (discontinued)


When you love an outfit so much you wear it twice in one week!

Snood ~ ebay

My posts this week will be fewer than usual, as I'm in the process of moving house but I'm excited to hit back into the blogging in the coming week!

Have a great day darlings!

Friday, 5 February 2016

A wiggle dress dream ~ Talking about foundations ~ the Rago #6207 Panty Girdle

So foundation garmets are something I wear a lot of and therefore something I get asked a lot about. 2015 seemed to be the year I embraced more traditional foundation garments. As my weight jumped due to my struggle with my anxiety, foundations became my amour, my savour and the only thing really keeping me in half my clothes. While it started as a way to fit into my clothes, I began to actually really fall in love with foundations and began branching into pieces that were completely alien to me. 

The whole point of foundations is to smooth the body and help you achieve certain shapes. I was finding that I wasn't loving my body in wiggle styles and that suspenders weren't really giving me the desired look under tight dresses. Plus, being a girl with thicker thighs, I found just wearing suspenders was leading to some hell bad thigh chaffing, which at times made walking near impossible! Hard to feel confident when you feel like Satan is rubbing your inner thighs! So, after looking around and possibly stalking the Nylon Swish's blog I decided to do something that felt very scary and order myself the 6207 Panty Girdle, to try and aviate my foundation woes. 

So sizing? Knowing I am quite bigger in the booty with a 44 inch hip and as low as a 30 inch waist, depending on the day, I sized up to a XL in this piece, because honestly I'd rather it be a little bigger than feel I was getting cut in half. I find the XL to be comfortable and the right level of shaping for me. Because I am quite short in the torso, I find I need to wear a longline bra (also Rago No #2202) with this panty girdle to help smooth above it, as it finished for me not far below my rib line, which can cause a noticable bump which really isn't flattering. 

Not wanting to wait for international shipping, I purchased mine from MisKonduct in Newcastle and with express shipping I had it the same day. Now the first thing you will think, when you unwrap your new panty girdle in excitement, is OMG this thing is TOO small!! I personally had a mild freak out thinking there was NO way I was ever going to get my ass into it. But chill. Relax. Its actually really deceptive. I got home that night, feeling very apprehensive but I locked myself in my room and battled the elements (not really but it felt like it!) to wiggle this sucker up! The first time is honestly always the hardest because it hasn't been stretched out before. 

Once I was in it though, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. It didn't hide my natural curves, just smooth them out and bring them in a little. The difference was quite noticable in reducing the appearance of bumps and cellulite through clothes as well as nipping me in at the tummy and waist. Its also long enough in the legs to stop thigh chaffing!!! So its perfect for days you want to wear a wiggle dress without feeling like your thighs are on fire. It also has detachable suspender hooks inside the bottom of the legs (see above left picture) which means you can still wear stockings with tighter styles without the bumps being hugely noticeable. 

Now this girdle does come with a slight flip in the leg and crotch for using the bathroom. I wouldn't recommend using it. I speak from experience! Simply pull this down like underwear and wiggle yourself back in when you're done. Over time it will get easier to shimmy it up and down but you'll still have awesome results with your shaping. Also I've never had an instance of thigh chaffing while wearing this bad boy! It truly is amazing in that regard!

So how, you may ask, does this translate to changing how you look in clothes? Well, I'll show you. I chose this dress from Starlet Fever (read my review of this dress here) as the lighter colour and silk fabric shows shaping the best. Left is with a normal bra and undies. Right is with the longline bra and panty girdle. 


As you can see, the panty girdle ultimately smooths lines, nips the waist in and really helps define your curves.

This girdle is on the firmer side and I'd honestly recommend stepping upto something like this after starting with a firmer style suspender belt and a longline bra first. If you aren't used to wearing foundations this piece could be very daunting to wear!

I hope you've enjoyed this review! Please feel free to ask me questions if you have any!

Til next time darlings!