Sunday, 31 January 2016

Weekly Outfits ~ 25th January 2016

Hello darlings,

This weeks outfits are only a few! It was Australia day on Tuesday and having had a rough night on Monday (a panic attack) I spent the day recovering and bumming around in gym gear. Also this weekend I've not been 100% so no pretty outfits either. But I'm excited for my move to get under way so I can get back to having access to all my clothes instead of living out of bags!


Flowers ~ Blue Signature Rose Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Necklace ~ Pink beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Eau De Toilette Brooch from Erstwilder
Top/Belt/skirt - Hell Bunny from Gwynnies
Shoes ~ Halina Shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes

Flowers ~ Red Rose Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Necklace ~ Blue Beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Drink Me Alice Cup in Pink from Im Lucky Charm
Dress ~ Harriet dress from Dolly and Dotty (read my review here)
Shoes ~ Halina shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes

Flowers ~ Blue Rose Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Brooch ~ Way of the Welt brooch from The Nylon Swish
Top ~ Deadly Dames red top (discontinued)
Suit (jacket and skirt) ~ Manhattan Suit from Tatyana Boutique (discontinued)
Shoes ~ Betty Heels from Royal Vintage Shoes


Top ~ No Brand
Skirt ~ Hell Bunny (discontinued)
Shoes ~ Payless Shoes

I'm hoping that this weeks outfits will be incredible as I have some exciting stuff coming, some exciting stuff to share! I also should nearly be finished breaking in my Vamp which will mean I should be able to review it at the end of February.

I'm also going to start doing some blog posts that show the same item styled multiple ways after a suggestion from an instagram lady!

Catch you all tomorrow darlings!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Summer Swing ~ The Harriet Dress from Dolly and Dotty

There's something about a swing skirt teamed with a petticoat that is inherently fun. I've mentioned before that I have a habit of twirling in empty car parks and swishing my petticoat on purpose as I walk through the shops and some days I do truly miss wearing them in my daily life, as now being a corporate pinup I can only really get away with them on casual Fridays or weekends! Some dresses you can get away without a petticoat. But some dresses are just made for them.  The harriet dress from Dolly and Dotty is one of them!

Flowers ~ Red Rose Double from Daisy Jean Floral 
Necklace ~ Blue necklace from Debstar Designs 
Brooch ~ King of the Bush brooch from Erstwilder
Dress ~ Harriot dress from Dolly and Dotty
Shoes ~ Miss L Fire Betty Shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes
This super fun dress, is the perfect thing to brighten a drab day. The tartan style fabric pattern is fun and playful. For me the pattern is definitely what makes this dress such a winner. It definitely lifted the feel at work the day I wore it, as my workplace LOVE when I wear colour! The design is simple yet pretty! I LOVE the bow embellishment on the waist  and the neckline allows support via thicker shoulders for ladies with a larger bust!

I was pretty happy with the overall fit of this dress. The shoulder straps are comfortable, the sizing was true to and it was the best kind of length for my shape! The skirt has an amazing flare to it being a full size swing skirt and looks incredible when worn with a petticoat! However it can also be worn without one as it does feature lining under the dress, which is a feature I love as it means I don't have to wear a slip when I wear stockings. I love the styling versatility of this dress thanks to the multiple colours of the tartan print! The invisible zip did snag a little at the waist seam on the way up (this was minimal, enough just to be annoying) but came down with ease! The dress feels well made and well structured. It fits comfortably with and without shapewear on me and the fabric does have some stretch allowing for a comfortable fit. I'm wearing the size 12.

This dress features a beautiful neckline that sits high enough that its work appropriate. The waist features a band which helps the dress give you a bit of a natural tuck in without being restrictive. I do love the bow detail on the waist of this dress too! As it takes away the necessity for a belt. I accessorised my Harriet dress with my blue Debstar Designs beads in blue and my King of the Bush brooch from Erstwilder to give this dress a bit of a patriotic feel!

The Harriet dress is currently available for $27.99USD (which translates to $39.79AUD) which for a dress is an absolute steal! It also comes in a range of colours and patterns if the tartan isn't for you. Shipping is also reasonable for international, though to make the most of it I'd recommend getting 2 dresses as opposed to 1. 

Thank you darlings for reading this lovely review! More exciting posts coming in the next week!

Til next time!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress as part of a sponsorship with Dolly and Dotty, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Weekly Outfits ~ Week of 18th January 2016

The Hello darlings!

Its been a LONG week here for me, as planning in prep for a move have started! I am SO incredibly excited for this next chapter of my life to start, but I'll stop myself from blabbering anymore as we're here to talk about my outfits for the week!

A lot of Pin Up Girl Clothing this past week as it was Jenny January, I did however miss the first day (woops!) as I was running on international time!

Enjoy! As usual, all products are linked!


Conquering the world in this red suit!!


Cardigan ~ Thrifted


Shoes ~ Discontinued white T bar sandals from Rubi Shoes


Top ~ Discontinued pink tee from Portmands
Belt ~ Ebay
Shoes ~ Discontinued white T bar sandals from Rubi Shoes


Brooch ~ Discontinued frog brooch from Erstwilder


Brooch ~ discontinued Hermit Crab brooch from Deer Arrow
Top ~ Discontinued Freddies of Pinewood Top
Shoes ~ discontinued Brown Rubi Shoes Tbar Sandals

Looking forward to another fun week of playing dress up for work! I hope you've all like this weeks outfits!

Til next time darlings!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Shirt Dress Glamour! ~ The Zelda Dress from Dolly and Dotty

There's something about retro style shirt dresses that have always fascinated me. I guess its because I kind of see them as the 1950s casual wear for women. I lost count of how many times I swooned over Betty Draper in a shirt dress. And while I do own some styles that pay homage to the shirt dress, I haven't actually owned a button up the front shirt dress before. So when I was contacted by Dolly and Dotty, a new UK based retro brand to collaborate, I knew that the Zelda dress was one I needed to have.

Flowers ~ Peach Rose Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Brooch ~ Mint Radio Brooch from Deer Arrow
Dress ~ Zelda Dress in brown from Dolly and Dotty
Shoes ~ Betty Shoes in brown from Royal Vintage Shoes 
I opted for the Zelda dress in brown, purely because I have a LOT of bright colours and have been wanting to play around with some more neutral colours of late to change up my look. This dress also comes with two options of a brown tie belt or a traditional white belt. For the shoot I went for the tie belt as I thought it gave the dress a nice look and was something a little different.

So how did I find this dress darlings? Overall I'm pretty happy with it. Its comfortable to wear, the invisible side zip behaved well being done up, the light elastic in the sleeve ends isn't enough to make it uncomfortable but fills the function on keeping the sleeves in place. The buttons are sturdy and don't pop (which I was SUPER stoked about!) and overall it is a comfortable dress to wear.

I liked the simplicity of the polka dot pattern. It was fun to style and the mix and match belts mean the dress can have a completely different feel without having to buy any extra pieces. The fabric felt good against my skin and after sitting all day had minimal creasing in it, which is also a good thing! the only thing that didn't work for me, was the length.

Being a girl with a bit more behind than some, I found the dress as the back was considerably lifted by my butt. This was due to the dress being more of an A-line cut of skirt than a swing. The first day I wore this dress, I did so with stockings and suspenders and spent the whole day pulling the dress down at the back as it crept up. This is a dress I'll be wearing more on my errand days when I tend to wear flats and no stockings or when I visit family, purely for the length factor. I do have a hip of around the 44 inch mark, so if you aren't as curvy in the lower half this isn't an issue you'll really encounter.

I opted to wear this cute little Deer Arrow Brooch I bought from Portobello Princess. I loved the mint against the green and thought that is really popped nicely, while definitely keeping a retro feel.

This pretty dress comes in an array of different colours and is currently listed as $24.99US (Thats $36.20AUD for the ladies reading at home) which is an absolute steal! Postage is $30.99AUD ($21.40USD)  however so its definitely worth your while to get two dresses and make the most of it!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this review! I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have if you leave them in the comments! 

Til later darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dresss as part of a sponsorship with Dolly and Dotty, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Lets talk foundations...because I honestly get asked ALL the time!

Morning darlings!

Kmart Bra, Orchard Corset mesh underbust, What Katie Did suspender belt and stockings
I didn't have a post originally intended today but after a few comments I've gotten recently online when I've posted my foundation garments, I felt this post was a little....necessary. 

Kmart Bra, What katie did Morticia Corset, suspender belt and stockings
Its no secret that I wear foundation garments. I make a point of posting my foundations because I use them to make to manipulate my natural shape to create the shapes I want under clothes. I do this to achieve a certain look but also because I enjoy how foundation garments feel. I share not just to show women how the shapes are created but also because for me personally I think its unethical to let women believe my body looks a certain way when it doesn't. Its a bit like old school photoshop. And as someone who believes in body positivity I don't think pretending my body looks a certain way when it doesn't really is not setting a good example for the ladies who follow me who may struggle with their own body confidence.

La Senza Bra, Orchard Corset and Rago Panty Girdle
In 2015 I really fell in love with corset regularly and most days I wear one for around 8-10 hours, depending on what I'm doing. I wear suspenders a lot of the time, with the exception of SUPER hot Sydney days this summer. I'm starting to brand out more into more authentic cuts of bra as well as girdles. No I do not find these uncomfortable. I personally find them to be more comfortable than 'modern' lingerie. Recently on one of my foundation photos (pictures above) I got my first ever negative response from people, but I did note these people were people who had very little understanding of what real foundations actually do. 

First let me say what I wear is primarly reproduction vintage as well as some true vintage foundation pieces.These are no even in the same world as the kmart and target 'shapewear' you see. These are firm fitting, designed to smooth and create a vintage shape of a small waist and smooth hips. Some are definitely a wriggle to get into but after abit of practice its only really added maybe 5 minutes max onto my morning dressing routine. It doesn't take anywhere near as long as newbies think it does. If you follow Elinor of the Nylon Swish on Periscope she posts photos showing her getting dressing in the morning. It doesn't take long at all. 

Kmart Bra, Kiss Me deadly Girdle, Myer stockings
Using the bathroom is also a BIG one I get comments on a lot. No, wearing a corset does not affect my ability to use the bathroom. When using the bathroom in my panty girdle I just pull it down like underwear and back up. Same deal goes for suspender belts. I literally pull it down from the top, suspenders still clipped and then back up when I'm done. It might add at max and extra 1-2 minutes to a toilet trip, which hardly really affects the overall experience.

Revival Suspender belt, Kmart High waisted undies, What katie did stockings
Then I've been starting to get negative comments from people who clearly follow mainstream trends and like to wear simple bras and undies combos which is fine. Why I do what I do isn't anyone else's business. I don't share it for women who think that foundations are a waste of time/unattractive. My posts aren't for them. My posts are for the women who are interested, who I want to know how I achieve shapes and those who don't judge others on what works for them just because its outside their own personal preferences.

Sorry to rant a bit darlings, I've just been getting this a LOT lately and its been driving me a bit barny!

Thank you for the read!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Miss Lady Luck festival 2016

2015 was not a good year for me anxiety wise. 
In reality it got so bad I had to take time off from a lot of things I love purely because I couldn't cope with it: modelling, pageants, social outings. I was trying to be social and felt most of the time like I was suffocating. But near the end of 2015 I really started to embrace who I am and that in turn lead to my anxiety affecting me less. So I decided in 2016 I wanted to not just step out more but reach out more and start to build up a group of friends who I feel I can be myself with. So when I was messaged by the lovely Ruby Rabbit to organise a group to head up to the Lady Carrington hotel in Katoomba for the Lady Luck Festival, it sounded like an amazing idea! In the end the day was organised to be myself, Ruby Rabbit, Miss Kitty Meow and Miss Annie Sky.

Vintage Cars Parked on the main street

Vintage Cars Parked on the Main Street

The Lady Luck Festival is a retro/vintage event stretching over 2 days that sees cars, live bands and stall holders. We got there bright and early, though the damp cold weather was a bit offputting! While this even wasn't as big as I had expected, the scenery allowed for he 4 of us to do some shopping and browsing as well as charming as we'd never hung out as a group before!

Miss Polly Polka Dot at her Stall Polly Dot
Some of the awesome products from Polly Dot
The ladies! (And gent)
Miss Kitty Meow browsing Glam Comix

Girl Fun at the Glam Comix Stall
It was a really cool day, even if there wasn't a whole lot to do. I caught up with some of the amazing stall holders I normally chat to at the Rock n roll markets as well as getting to see all the vintage cars and have a better look at this amazing hotel, which oddly enough was where I was meant to be married when I was engaged to my ex partner. 

One of the ceilings in the Carrington Hotel

I also had the absolute BALL meeting the Heels for Combat Boots ladies who are Pinups reaching worldwide who are assisting our Servicemen & Women with PTSD/TBI, which is a great cause. Felling Australian Pinups Miss Diamond Divine (@missdiamonddivine on IG) and Kirsty Anne (@missharlemtale on IG) were both there representing and raising funds for such an awesome cause. 

Deb of Debstar Designs
I also saw Deb of Debstar Designs! If you've seen me wear a bead necklace, there is 100% chance it comes from this amazing lady. If you don't have any necklaces from Debstar Designs, I strongly recommend getting some!

Girl Gang ~ Miss Ruby Rabbit, Miss Annie Sky and Miss Kitty Meow

Miss Ruby Rabbit and Me
Miss Kitty Meow and me
Miss Annie Sky and me
I've always struggled with friends. I have odd interests and find it difficult normally to relate to others. The way my last relationship ended also left me quite timid and fearful of other women, especially of letting one close (my ex cheated on me with our flatmate who was also a friend). This, coupled with my anxiety meant that I really struggled with making friends, especially in the pinup scene. Its been incredible to connect with these three incredible women, who I feel I can be myself with, who I am learning to let in which for me is an incredible step. So a massive thank you to these incredible women!

I'm going to leave this post here today darlings, I feel like I've rabbited on enough! I'm going to leave today's post here, but I've got two reviews coming this week too!

Stay safe darlings!