Friday, 5 May 2017

Mushroom magic with Lindy Bops Jojo dress

We all have that one dress. We see it in a store. We like it but we procrastinate about it. Will it suit me? Is it right for me? What if I don’t like it? These dresses we either take the plunge and add to our wardrobes or let go with a looming questions of what if? That was what the Jojo dress was for me. It was a dress I loved the look of but I just wasn’t sure if it would look right on me. But in a moment of ‘YOLO’ I recently snapped it up when I bought another dress from an Australian store and Boy oh boy am I glad I did!

Flowers ~ Daphne's Daffodils from Daisy Jean
Necklace ~ Yellow beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Pluto Plesiosaur Brooch from Erstwilder
Dress ~ Jojo Dress from Lindy Bop
Shoes ~ No brand

I’m a new lover of Lindy Bop, as I said in my last review and I was so excited to see recently too they launched too and that its much more shopper friendly! The Jojo dress is rather outside my comfort zone. The peter pan colour, cute print and bold purple accents gave this dress a fun vibe that I haven’t really had in my closet before. I was excited to find when it arrived that the collar and sleeve accents were a lot brighter than the stock pictures showed and that the colours really POPPED, which I was super stocked about. The sleeves look a little small and I was a bit nervous to try it on (sleeves are something I struggle with a lot) but was delighted to find after I got home and pulled it over my head that the sleeves weren’t too tight and I was able to pull them on and off without any issues!

I got my Jojo dress from Australian stockist Velvet Vixens but it is currently on sale over at the Lindy Bop website. My order arrived pretty quickly and I was excited to try styling this dress as I expected it would be a challenge for me. Surprisingly it hasn’t been. This dress features the most adorable mushroom print that has an array of different colours through it. This meant that this dress is fun to style and actually super versatile with my accessories! Which I was pleasantly surprised with. This dress is made of polyester but I was surprised to find it was lined with what appeared to be cotton. This liner made it super comfortable to wear and meant I didn't get to sweaty either!

The Jojo dress features a side zip and comes with a matching belt. I have a love hate relationship with invisible zips. I’ve only had one ‘altercation’ with the invisible zip in my Jojo dress but have found for the most part the zip is easy to do up and doesn’t catch too much on the waist seam. The matching belt really helps define the waist and helps tie in the stark purple accents. I also love that I can wear this dress with or without foundations due to the comfortable sizing. Now days I do prefer to have the option to wear an outfit with either. My only real complaint of this dress is that the pockets are decorative and not real. I mean what girl doesn't love a dress that has pockets.

For this shoot I decided to play to the yellows and blues through the mushrooms. My Daphne’s Daffodils from Daisy Jean were the perfect match, along with a yellow necklace from Debstar Designs and wore my cute little plesiosaur brooch from Erstwilder! As a kid growing up I was obsessed with Dinosaurs and this little guy is one of my absolute favorites as I’ve always loved the stories of Lock Ness so this little guy holds a special place in my heart.

Sizing wise, I err between a 14 and 16 on the Lindy Bop size chart depending on the make and cut of the dress. This dress having the style of sleeves it does, I opted for the 16 to play it safe and I'm glad I did as it fits me really well. If you do err between sizes and have a bit of weight on your arms like I do, I would definitely recommend sizing up to make sure the fit is comfortable!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review! You can expect to see this dress being worn a fair bit once spring hits as I just adore it! The Jojodress is currently on sale too over at Lindy Bop for just £20.00/$34.90AU with reasonably priced postage to Australia! Definitely loving their new stuff that’s recently been released too and cannot wait to add some more Lindy Bop to my wardrobe!

Til next time darlings!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Summer Styling with Lady K Loves Patio Set

We all know I’m a sucker for versatility. I talk about it often on my blog. Having so many different things in my wardrobe, I like to invest in pieces I can not only wear to a variety of different places but also wear a lot of different ways! Mix and match separates are therefore very high on my list. I find them easier to swap around than a dress is and teaming them with different things can create whole new looks. I’ve never owned pieces that could be regarded as a ‘set’ though. Until I got my first ‘patio’ set from LadyK Loves and its been an incredibly fun experience.

Earrings ~ Bamboo Hoops from Ebay
Beads ~ Black Beads from Debstar Designs
Shoes ~ Tiki mauls from Pinup Couture Shoes

Based in the UK, Lady K Loves is a brand I’ve featured before and its one I absolutely adore. I’ve featured their curve friendly designs before, but this set truly is one of my favourites. The patio set is a blouse style top and skirt set, which is worn to create a ‘matching’ separates look. While my colourway is now out of make for the patio set, Lady K loves have a great V patterned summer blouse in 3 different colourways that can help create this effortlessly glamourous look. Both styles of the patio set for some reason make me think of desert terrain and after quite a bit of searching I finally found the most amazing backdrop for it!

Summer Blouse in Abstract Coral (discontinued)
Mexican Patio Pattern in Coral

The Summer Blouse from Lady K Loves is a Mexican Patio style blouse complete with ribbon and rick rac embodied V design down the shoulders and across the chest. Now while I don’t have this exact pattern, the style is the same so let’s talk comfort and fit! Honestly, I adore the Summer Blouse. Made of 100% organic cotton its comfortable, it breathes well and it can be worn with a huge variety of outfits. I love the attention to detail Lady K has gone to with this blouse as well, adding diamonte buttons (the other patterns have this too) and by stopping the buttons a bit early too it gives you the option to either tuck it into your skirt or wear it tied like I have for this shoot. A slight slit on either side at the bottom also allows for a comfortable hip fit. I’m wearing the large and it fits really well. I feel like this top would also look amazing with a high waisted shorts or jeans for more casual summer look too!

The darling skirt is the circle skirt style from Lady K Loves and it also matches their Patio Set. The Darling skirt is also made of 100% organic cotton and wears very light. Being 100% cotton I find that it can err on the see-through side, especially if you wear darker colours under the lighter colourways, but a slip or petticoat easily fixes this. For summer this skirt was amazing! Being super light and airy it breathed really well in our super humid weather this past summer season and would be amazing for any gal who lives somewhere where it gets hot and humid. 

The Darling skirt is incredibly comfortable and well wearing. It features a button and zip closure and it has pockets too! (which as a girl makes this skirt SUPER exciting!). The darling comes in coral (like I’m wearing) raspberry, turquoise and black. The three brighter colourways are also on sale at the moment! I’m wearing the large, which is a bit snug naturally atm but is fine when I lace into my corset (which in reality is more often than not now days!). I found the darling runs true to size and one I love having in my wardrobe, even if the coral colour challenges my styling skills a bit!

Keeping with the desert theme for this look, I wore one of my newest brooch purchase from Bel Air Baby. Their Prickly Pear Cactus heart brooch was the perfect addition to this look as well as being amazing value at just $12AU + postage! My other accessories I kept black to tie in with the pattern in my shirt. A black rose double from Daisy Jean and black beads from Debstar Designs kept it simple with bamboo hoops for some natural tones to tie in with my wooden heels.

The Patio set in coral, turquoise is currently on sale! With the coloured skirts only £36.00/$62Au (Save £9/$15.50AU!) and the Summer blouse reduced to £34.00/$58.70AU (save £8/$13.80AU!). The blackDarling skirt is also a steal at just £39.00/$37.30! Shipping to Australia is also only £12.00/$20.70 and has a pretty quick turnaround time too!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review! I’ve got some more Lady K Loves coming to the blog this month so keep your eyes peeled!

Also don't forget to enter my joint giveaway with Lady K Loves! You could win a £50 voucher! Click here to enter! (Ends 5/5/2017) 

Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this set in a collaboration with Lady K Loves, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

The Perfect Pet Lovers look with Dangerfield clothing

Most pinups are a sucker for a novelty print. There’s something about them that is so quintessentially vintage. They’re something I’ve always admired, though I own very few myself. I find the true vintage ones I love are always WAY too small and true vintage novelty skirts aren’t cheap. So when I saw this adorable novelty style dress from Dangerfield pop up on my Instagram feed and also that they recently added afterpay to their store, I decided to take the plunge and get my first Dangerfield piece since I started in pinup a couple of years ago.

Scarf ~ Red Repro Nylon Scarf from Daisy Jean
Brooch ~ Scotty Dog Brooch from Miss Lady A Broad
Top ~ Robin  top in cream by Collectif from Gwynnies
Dress ~ Puppy in a Basket dress in black from Dangerfield
Shoes ~ Dolores slingbacks in brown from Royal Vintage Shoes
Dangerfield is an Australia store that stock a broad range of clothing, but their styles definitely are popular with the retro community, especially with their inhouse brands Revival and their Dangerfield brand. As a baby pinup who was quite a lot smaller, I struggled a lot with their proportions so moved away from them as a brand. But now days my body is very different and I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it another go. When I saw this print pop up I knew I had to add it to my wardrobe. With the price difference between the skirt and dress I felt the dress for me was a better option. So I took the plunge, added it to my cart and pressed buy.

My dress arrived pretty quickly. I got standard postage and I had it the week after purchasing (ordered the Thursday, arrived the following Wednesday). The tracking was updated throughout and it was well packaged. I was excited to unwrap it and see what it was like. The dress is made from 100%. I do love that this is the case, as I need cotton options for warmer or humid days due to my sensitive skin. The fabric isn’t super thick, but it’s also not super thin. It’s not see through (as you can tell by the fact I’m wearing a white knit top underneath and it’s now showing through). Featuring a back zip that’s not an invisible zip was also a win for me as I have a love hate relationship with them. I like the little bust tie detail this dress has and I also like that it’s easy to layer and in neutral colours, making it a great dress for all year round.

Being SO long since I last ordered from them…I scrutinised the size chart and went for the size closest to my current measurements which was a size 16. When it arrived it quickly became apparent that a size 14 would have been better. This dress is quite loose on me (though not enough to be hugely noticeable), especially in the bust and shoulders. I think I will end up just reducing the shoulders slightly for a better fit. As a first buy with my changed body I’m not too upset. I’d rather get something and have it a bit big than too small. And by throwing on a belt the dress is still wearable without the fit issues being hugely noticeable. 

The puppy print truly is the champion of this dress and its definitely why I bought it. Made to look like a painted vintage novelty print, this puppy pattern is actually printed onto the fabric, which makes it quite resilient to wear and tear. As someone who grew up always having dogs and has been unable to have them as an adult due to the rental market, I love I can wear this cutie even if I can’t own a pupper myself.  

For this shoot I decided to go a bit preppy with my look! My Scotty brooch from Miss Lady A Broad was the perfect match for my look because the only thing better than a dress with puppies on it is adding a puppy brooch! A red scarf and belt added some colour to my look while my knit top gave it the preppy feel I was after. My Dolores heels lifted the look to be a bit more adult without losing the preppy vibe of the outfit. Ladies this dress also features pockets too!

The Puppy in the Basket dress is also available in olive, if black isn’t your jam. I bought my dress for $88AU + postage and overall I’m pretty happy with it. This dress is one I know I’ll get wear out of, especially in the warmer months down here in Oz and its definitely made me relook at Dangerfield as a place to buy from to add fun prints to my wardrobe!

I hope you all have loved this review! I’ve finally finished up my holiday review post, it goes live tomorrow! And I’ve got a busy weekend shooting my style swap for you all as well as a bunch of new looks for the blog.

Til next time darlings!