My Measurements and sizes

To help give a better idea of the sizes I buy and how they fit my body, please find below my  measurements and sizes in brands I buy. I've put ranges of my measurements to cover fluctuations

Bust - 38/40 inches
Waist - 30/32 inches
Hips - 42/44 inches

I'm 165cm tall/5'4
I currently weigh around 85kg/187

I do tend to wear vintage shapewear such as girdles/corsets under my outfits

Sizes that I buy:

Hell Bunny
Tops - M/L
Skirts - L
Dresses - S/M make depending
Cardigans - S/M
Pants - M/L

Tops - M/L make depending
Swing Dresses - L
Wiggle Dresses - L/XL fabric depending
Swing Skirts - L (anything screen printed tends to run small so i size up to a L)
Wiggle Skirts - L/XL
Capris - L/XL

Tatyana Boutique 
Tops - M
Dresses - M
Skirts - M

Banned Apparel
Wiggle Skirt - M
Pleated skirt - M
Blouse - L

Voodoo Vixen
Open hip Styles - M
Wiggles Styles - L


  1. Could you please advise what size you buy in Lindy Bop?

    1. I'm the same measurements and weight as Missi and I wear a size large! I own about 6 lindy bop dresses and they all fit the same on me except the screen printed Imelda dress(the dresses with the crazy city prints and stuff) fits a little snug on my waist and bust