Friday, 30 January 2015

Frisky Friday ~ Valentine Day Edition ~ Von Follies Madame X Set

The Frisky Friday segment.....

So two of my new years resolutions were the brainchild behind this series of blog posts! They were:
  1. Expanding my vintage and vintage repro lingerie/shapewear collection and start wearing them daily
  2. Be less self conscious and apologetic about my body as there is nothing wrong with it to be ashamed of.
So I've come a long way in regards to my body positivity. I have 4 vintage boudoir shoots under my belt now, I regularly post body positivity selfies on my Instagram, but there are still certain angles I don't talk about and I don't often feel overly comfortable in lingerie. So I thought I'd work to break the mold by sharing images here with my followers of lingerie I've loved and want to review for you all!

Now I'm not really a skinny girl. I have a narrow waist, a small to medium bust, petite shoulders and a big butt and legs. I do tend to hold weight on my tummy as well. I am fit and active, I try and eat the right foods but I'm still only part way through my weight loss journey. I've seen a lot of bloggers with similar figures to me online but most have a bigger bust than me, so I hope this space will help the smaller busted ladies out!

So my first Frisky Friday Review....

The Madame X Set by Dita Von Teese!

Now I actually purchased this set at the end of last year for a glamour shoot I did with Lauren Horwood (Photograph above taken by Lauren) and I wanted something outside of what I normally wore for shoots. I've always kind of covered my middle for photoshoots, as its definitely my personal problem area and I actually settled on this set by chance! Its now one I wear regularly in my personal life and considering the red and sassy cut I thought it would be a perfect start for Frisky Friday for upcoming Valentines day!

I honestly LOVE the briefs. I wear them a lot, especially under swing styles. I find the high sit more comfortable when wearing a pettiocat and just in general. The waistband, which is strappy is adjustable, which means if I'm a bit bloated I can loosen the firmness a bit and it still fits beautifully. I love the lacing on the front and around the sides. Its such a subtle sexy feature. This brief has really been a step forward for me in terms of body love, as you can see the crease of my tummy but I find in this set I don't care. I just feel amazing. Without a double my favorite briefs out of all the Dita stuff I own.

Being a smaller busted girl I opted for the wireless bra. It fits beautifully, offering enough support that I can wear it comfortably all day. I'm still learning to embrace my smaller bust, an unexpected side affect of a hospital stay in 2013. The bust detailing across the top really draws attention to the lace top and I find the wider back is comfortable for daily wear as well.

Stockings: Nude (I can't remember the brand)

As you saw in my shoot I wore the set with the suspender belt as well. I personally prefer the set's detailing without the suspender belt but it does look lovely with the set regardless. I did find the belt ran bigger than the briefs and ideally should have sized down as mine slip around a lot as they are too big in the waist band. The straps are a bit thinner than I like for my stockings but they hold stockings comfortably and the clasps are of good quality.

Overall, this is my favorite Dita Von Teese set (I own around 8 sets total) and its purely down to comfort. I love the full brief and the bra and as I embrace my smaller bust I hope to wear the bra more often in outfits. Its great for curvier girls thanks to the adjustable underwear design and for the bigger busted girls you can find the bra for this set with underwire here

Photography: Lauren Horwood
Hair: Jenna Orlando
Make Up: Katya Lonsdale

I'll leave you all with the other amazing snaps of this lingeire from my glamour shoot and I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Til Later!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


Wishlist Wednesday ~ 28/1/2015

So....I know my wishlists feature a lot of Pin Up Girl Clothing but can you blame me when they make such incredible clothes!?

These two came out just recently and I am honestly IN LOVE!

The Delila dress is absolutely stunning! Available in both black and red for $126 these are absolutely stunning! I LOVE the lace top detailing and these would be a great winter dress for special events! 

This one is currently sitting in my cart awaiting better cash flow to make mine!

Accessories for it:

So much pretty to match such a gorgeous dress!

Still more to come a bit later!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose

Belated Modcloth Monday ~ Nautical Vibes

Sorry for being so behind on my posts! This week has been hectic for me! Going to be doing a LOT of catching up today!

But lets get straight into with a very late Modcloth Monday!!

I LOVE nautical themed things....actually I think I just love themed outfits in general. I did a lot of boating and fishing with my mum in my teens which I think added to this love! So I picked out some adorable nautical style pieces I would pair together in a heartbeat! Especially loving the top! I need a good red striped one!

More posts coming your way!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Outfit of the day recap ~19/1/2015 - 25/1/2015

Its Sunday! 

And my goodness what a WEEK its been in Sydney! We've been having lots of stupidly HOT and humid weather here but I did my best this week!


Was a work kind of day...

Dress: Veronica Dress in Navy with red heart by Pin Up Girl Clothing ~ $112.00
Shoes: Red Cutie heels by Pin Up Couture ~ $56.00


We had a temporary break from the heat

Beret: Dangerfield
Top: Kmart (purchased in winter)
Belt: Yellow bow belt from eBay
Skirt: Jenny Skirt in Cool Toned Cabana Print ~ No Longer Made
Stockings: Myer
Shoes: TUK ~ No longer made


I was running errands...

Pants: Trousers in Fleur print by Pin Up Girl Clothing ~ No Longer made


Was WAY too hot for I rocked swimmers instead


And still too hot for clothes again....totally dreaming of the beach!

Swimsuit: Polka dot bikini by Pin Up Girl Clothing ~ No Longer Made


I was off to a BBQ...

Scarf: Repro Nylon in Pink
Top: Black bustier from a vintage pattern
Belt: Pink bow belt from eBay
Skirt: Jenny Skirt in Red & Chocolate Brown Harlequin ~ Review here ~ Final sale ~ $58.80
Shoes: Pink Cutie Heels by Pinup Couture


And off to the Rockabilly Big Day Out in Sydney today...

Hair Flower: Lady Rowe ~ No Longer Available
Necklace: Aryclic skull choker in green by Debstar Designs
Bracelet: Tiki Bracelet in black by Sourpuss
Top: No Name Black Bustier
Skirt: Kinky Skirt in Purple Hawaiian Print by Pin Up Girl Clothing ~ Review here ~ Final Sale ~ $50.40

So thats it for this week's overview! I'm hoping the weather cools down enough to let me dress nice 7 days in a row next week! Didn't realise how much Pin Up Girl Clothing I wore til just now!!

Til Tomorrow!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


Feedback from my Survey

So the survey  I put to my followers about what they wanted to see more of on this blog space had one BIG theme: Ask Missi!

And I've listened!

You can now email me with any questions you have that you'd like answered on this blog and I'll answer 1-2 a week, depending on my schedule!

You can send them to

I've also been working on a bunch of new posts that are about my perspective where I'll talk about the following things:

  • Pinup Wardrobe basics ~ The staples to a starter wardrobe
  • Pinup shopping on a budget
  • Lets talk skirts: wiggle, swing and aline
  • Pinup makeup and hair basics
  • A hot summer pinup guide
Which are all things I've been asked questions on in the past! So keep your eyes peeled!

So excited to be utilizing this space more as I grow!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


Review ~ Kinky Box Skirt in Purple Hawaiian Print ~ Pin Up Girl Clothing

So its review time again! I've been a busy be this weekend! 

Up for you today is another Pin Up Girl Clothing skirt I got in their final sale!

Hair flower: Lady Rowe
Earrings: Bamboo from eBay
Bracelet: Tiki Bangle by Sourpuss
Bustier: No name black satin bustier

Its no secret to those who know me well, I'm a bit of a tiki lover. I fell in love with the Hawaiian capsule series by Pin Up Girl Clothing and its literally the first thing on my list to buy this year! I was incredibly frustrated when this series was released during my clothing buy ban and was SO happy I managed to get this skirt before it was gone!

Now I must admit, the kinky skirt shape isn't my all time favorite. As I said yesterday, the Jenny is my skirt lover...but the pattern on this skirt is incredibly divine! In person the colours are just SO vibrant and on a day like today, where I'm feeling a little bloated the thicker waist band is extremely flattering! I find it very comfortable on and with the pleats I'm sure that today it will be nice and cool!

Accessories today are ALL about the tiki vibe and I was so happy my second try of this tiki hairstyle was a success!! I'll be posting a tutorial now I've got it right in the next week or so!

I'm wearing my favorite shoes today as well! I watched these for AGES on eBay and finally took the plunge! Insanely comfortable and they go great with SO much!

I'm off to the Rockabilly Big Day Out here in Sydney so will post some event pictures tonight or tomorrow

Til Later!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Red & chocolate brown jenny skirt Review

It's review time!!! 

I was lucky enough to take the plunge and get two amazing skirts in the PUG final sale and as I'm an unoffical Jenny-holic I wanted to do a review of my newest purchase! 

Scarf: pink repro nylon 
Earrings: Deer Arrow 
Brooch: Erstwilder 
Top: black vintage pattern bustier 
Belt: bow belt from eBay 
Skirt: jenny skirt in red and chocolate harlequin ~ final sale ~ Pin Up Girl Clothing
Bag: wicker bag from Pin Up Girl Clothing 
Shoes: pink cutie shoes from Pin Up Girl Clothing 

So as the owner of 8 jenny skirts and two  jenny dresses I have a bit of an addiction. They're my favorite skirt and when I was this skirt was on final sale and being the only harlequin colour way I didn't own, figured it was time to change that. 

I love Jenny skirts. I love the gathered waist and fullness of them. And SO comfortable as well as versatile. Summer to winter a Jenny has you covered! They feature a zip size and a decent sized waist band. 

Truth be told when this skirt first came out I wasn't a fan, but the colours look SO different in person. And I wear a LOT of red and black which means it'll match most of my wardrobe already! 

I'm off to a BBQ today and opted to team it with pink and black today for something a bit softer! If you love this print I'd grab it quick as it's on final sale!

Another review coming tomorrow!! 

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose

Friday, 23 January 2015

The Retro Equality Project ~ By the lovely Miss Cherry Button!

So mid last year, a call was put out by the amazing Miss Cherry Button, a pinup/alternative model and Burlesque dancer in Sydney for models/photographers/MUAH to volunteer to be involved in a project aimed at raising awareness of same sex marriage equality through the medium of pinups. This was a project that blossomed from her 'community project' for her participation in the Pinup Doll Australia comp, which she took out the winning title for!

And the Retro Equality Project was born!

 I immediately raised my hand and sent an email to be involved! I am an avid believer in equal rights to marriage for all couples, regardless of sexual orientation and the chance to be involved in something to help bring that to the public eye to make people more aware that there are STILL couples in this country that cannot marry their loved one was something I felt very drawn to! I heard back from the lovely Cherry and planning began to setting up models together and shoots with photographers!

How the project worked was the lovely Cherry selected scenes around normal things that couples normally do together such as: go to the beach, shopping, going on a date, spending time in the kitchen because same sex couples do the same things heterosexual couples are characterized at doing! The twist being all of these were done with a pinup feel with 1950's styling! I was paired with my partner for the shoots, fellow Australian pinup model and burlesque dancer Emma Jean Jackson who is a shining example (like the lovely Cherry) of what this project is all about!

The first shoot day was the group shoot! Which involved a picnic between couples and friends in the park! It was a great shoot day which resulted a lot of laughs between us all and I can give you the first sneak peak of that shoot and others today with the project's first photo release!

The picnic scene!

Charlotte White 
Photographer: Exkyu Photography

Charlotte White
Photographer: Exkyu Photography

There were 3 couples involved in the shoots! The lovely ladies Lady Medusa and Charlotte White were the first couple, depicting adorable scenes of shopping together, sharing a bite of ice cream and a day at the beach!

Models: Lady Medusa and Charlotte White 
Photographer: Exkyu Photography

ModelsLady Medusa and Charlotte White
Photographer: Exkyu Photography

ModelsLady Medusa and Charlotte White
Photographer: Exkyu Photography

ModelsLady Medusa and Charlotte White
Photographer: Exkyu Photography

The second couple....

Who so far we've only been given a teaser of is the amazing founder of Retro Equality Miss Cherry Button and Naomi Hibberd! I'm excited to see more of these two in future picture releases!

Photographer: Shane Van Laar

And lastly...

The couple I was involved in! We had a great day shooting, there was a lot of good times and laughter, some of which involved needing a few minutes to compose ourselves! The first sneak peak I can share is one of the scenes we had the most fun in! Cooking!

Photographer: What A Big Camera

With this project GROWING as it grew momentum as images slowly begin to be released in the lead up to Mardi Gras, a calendar featuring scenes from this shoot now available for purchase and a photobook on the way as well as possible involvement in Mardi Gras, you'll be sure to see more posts here about this incredible project!

I am so incredibly happy I got the opportunity to be involved in such an amazing project for such a truly amazing cause!

To support this cause you can do the following:

I will ask to please not repost any of these images without applying to proper credit to the project, the models and the photographers involved.

More to come as more about this amazing project is released!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


Wishlist Wednesday ~ 21st January 2015

Late again I know, but I am getting better at getting these done! 


Wishlist Wednesday is a BIG one this week! Sharing three different kinds of goodies I so desperately am in love with and cannot wait to add to my wardrobe!

Part 1 of my wishlist is all about dresses!

These dresses are honestly AMAZING and I can see myself gravitating back towards my childhood colour which is blue! I LIVED in blue as a kid....I remember turning 18 and doing a massive wardrobe clean out because I had a lot of stuff from when I was 12-14 that just didn't fit anymore and it was basically ALL blue. Blue tops, blue jumpers, blue jeans, blue shoes. So much blue! I moved away from blue for a long time but I can feel myself really beginning to come back to it. It comes from my love for the ocean I think...for me its such a calming colour!

The Halter Dress I fell in love with the first time I saw it. The colour is just so....perfect! I Its so bright and pretty! The cut is also divine and I know it will sit well on my wardrobe! I'm SO excited to add this to my wardrobe in the near future.

The Maria dress I love for its classic cut. I look at this dress and just find myself thinking of the stunning wardrobe from movies like 'The Help'. The floral pattern is also just incredibly beautiful and I love the sash detailing!

And lastly, who doesn't want a ballerina dress!? This dress makes me wish I could go back in time and do my year 12 formal all over again! Its SO PRETTY!! I mean, the gold and blue is honestly stunning. I could see myself in it, I'd feel like the goddess I am! Definitely need to make this one happen!

Moving onto part 2 of my wishlist!

So with Lucky the duck becoming a part of the family on my mum's farm (A peking duck that things its a person) I'm currently obsessed with ducks! I bought Donavon for a good friend for Christmas and now I want hime for myself! Reminds me SO much of lucky! For the same reason I'm in love with Martha, as Lucky will look very similar once she's fully grown! So adorable!

The Deer Arrow earrings caught my eye for the simple reasons of: pineapples that sparkle! This summer I've found a deeper love for pineapples as I've eaten quite a few in the hot weather...and they are totally adorable and I need more goodies like this in my life!

Lastly onto item 3!!

Item 1: Seashell Confetti Earrings  
Item 2: Seahorse confetti earrings 

I recently discovered this store through Instragram and I am HONESTLY in LOVE!!! So much pretty and so many great things regularly being posted to their etsy store! I am making it my mission to own some of their goodies by the end of February and honestly cannot WAIT!!

So that's all for Wishlist Wednesday this week! I have another two exciting posts lined up for you in a few minutes! 

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

What more would you like to see from this blog space?

I'm putting this to the people who read this blog to tell me what you want in this space!

I already have reviews of all new purchased products planned! Posts on shapewear/under garments. Wishlist posts. Sewing posts when I start that later in the year as well. But what more do you want me to share?

If you guys could take 1-2 minutes to fill out a survey to help me make this blog better it would be appreciated!


Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


Modcloth Monday! ~ 19th January 2015

I'm sorry for being a day late again to my Aussies! Still getting use to having set post dates for things!

SO...its modcloth Monday and as I was feeling a little fancy after going out on the weekend my items today are inspired by a date night idea!

So I've been a tad obsessed with green for ever pretty much. I find greens to deep and alluring, very sexy but also very classy, especially the deeper shades. I instantly fell in love with this velvet creation! The wiggle design would be amazing for highlighting curves. The bust line would be wonderful on, the wide shoulders look like they'd offer good support while the shape highlights the bust. And sexy. Even if its not summer friendly (SO HOT!)

I chose a plain black heel and I loved the sheet cutout in these. Such a playful hint at being a little bid daring with footwear while being true to the classical cut of the dress. 

I chose the necklace because I thought it was such a sophisticated splash of colour across the piece. I'd wear it for a fancy night out!

And with such a statement necklace I wanted to keep the back simple. Its small, classical with the lace and doesn't blend into the dress without stealing the attention.

Well that's my Modcloth Monday! I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose

Deer Arrow Brooch and earrings review

Good afternoon all!

Its review time again and this time I'll be reviewing the lovely Deer Arrow as I was fortunate enough to win two of their pieces in a recent giveaway!

Deer Arrow is another awesome Australian company based in Brisbane that makes the most adorable brooches and jewelry out of wood! I hadn't had a chance to add any of their goodies to my wardrobe as I was on a ban from buying myself things for 6 months, so I was beyond stoked when I was announced the winner of their Instagram giveaway!!

I was SO excited when these adorable goodies arrived to me in the post and I am honestly in love with both of these items!

I adore these little flamingo earrings SO much! The detail for such small earrings is incredible! The flamingos are SO cute and they are such a good size. Being wood they aren't super heavy which is awesome and having a black base means they'll go with SO much of my wardrobe!

The fox brooch though is my favorite out of the two. I've already worn her twice and she really does turn heads! The quality of the color is incredible and I LOVE that you can see the wood detailing through the paint on this beauty! She had a lock closed clip too which will stop her falling off unexpectedly and getting lost! I cannot wait for more of this brand to be added to my collection!

You can find Arrow Deer in the following places:

Instagram: @deerarrow

Modcloth Monday coming later tonight!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hola Chica Kitty Top in Mango Review & ootd - Sunday 18th January 2015

Hello all!

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! 

So a big part of why I wanted this blog was to review the items I purchase and love for you so I figured I'd better get on that!

I was fortunate enough recently to win a top as a prize in an instagram give away from the Australian brand Hola Chica Clothing and I am SO excited to review that gorgeous item for you all today!!

Top: Kitty Top in Mango by Hola Chica Clothing
Belt: Ebay
Skirt: Kinky box pleats skirt in leopard by Pin Up Girl Clothing (No longer made)

The first thing I noticed about this top when I got it home to have a look at it was the incredible structure! The zip is set starting part way up the back, which leaves you with a nice flat front. The straps are wide enough to offer support and not cut into your shoulders which is always wonderful!

I also found that it gave me great shape and support in the bust which is always a great advantage to any top! I wore this top on one of Sydney's super hot days recently and found it comfortable in the sweltering hot! It wasn't too constricting or hold in too much body heat which was great. The V shape on the back allowed for a slight breeze on my shoulders which was nice at the time. I've also loved experimenting with a color thats outside my normal comfort zone!

The kitty top in mango is currently on sale and you can purchase yours here!

Weekly outfit overview post coming up later!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose