Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Favorite Outfits of February 2016

Hello darlings!

So I kind of skipped January (whoops!) so figured I'd jump on and make sure I got February!

Below are just my favorite outfits for the past month (a little late I know)! Enjoy!

Looking forward to another amazing month of blogging, especially now I'm all moved and settled!

Til tomorrow darlings!


  1. Nice! I love the red pencil skirt with striped top. And You look great in those green pants!

    1. Thank you! Trying to branch out and wear more of whats in my wardrobe! xx

  2. I seriously LOVE that Stop Staring dress on you! It looks absolutely perfect on you!!

    Are you wearing the Rago shapewear under it, or a corset? I want to get one of their wiggles, but I don't wear wiggles often and am somewhat self-conscious of my squishy belly.

    1. Hi lovely,

      It was actually one of my first ever pinup dresses!

      I've got my rago longline bra and panty girdle on under it. Helps just pull everything in and smooth out all those lines!!