Wednesday, 14 December 2016

1940s magic in the Lana dress from Vivien of Holloway

We all know I’m an absolute sucker for the 1940s. It’s something I talk about regularly on my Instagram (I'm sure you're all sick of it), I have literally lists full of 1940’s accessories, hats, sewing patterns and clothes on my etsy. I also hunt regularly for 1940’s style clothing coming from my favourite repro brands. I’d been eyeing off the Lana dress for well…ever. So recently, after parting ways with some gorgeous items I no longer wear, I took the plunge and snapped up the gorgeous Lana dress from Vivien of Holloway.

Hat ~ True Vintage 1940s from Poppycock Vintage on Etsy
Earrings ~ Pastel Pink Eclipse earrings from Revere Folie
Beads ~ Pastel pink necklace from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Pastel Pink Pamela from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Dress ~ Lana dress in Ash Peach Floral from Vivien of Holloway
Belt ~ Brown belt from Kmart
Shoes ~ Peggy heels in brown from Royal Vintage Shoes
I ordered my Lana dress direct from Vivien of Holloway and it arrived safely in my hands within 10 business days. The Lana dress is made of a lightweight polyester which is surprisingly comfortable and breathable, even in our humid Australian conditions which I am sure will make it a perfect summer staple for me. The Lana dress features a dramatic collar which for me oozes elegance as well as shoulder pads. This is my first garment to have shoulder pads in it and I must say, I love the effect it has on the overall fit of the garment. As a gal who has smaller rounded shoulders this dress really changes my shape in a dramatic way to look more like an hourglass than a pear.

The Lana dress is slightly longer in length than a lot of my 50’s stuff, but I think this is pretty common for 1940’s styles. The back is kept smooth, with the zip hidden in the side and the bonus that the head opening is wide enough to not destroy ones hair and makeup efforts when getting dressed. The zip is a regular zip, which means no epic battling as I often find I end up having with invisible zips, something that seems to always happen to me when I’m already running late for work! It also features pockets, which I didn't know until it arrived! They're pretty substantial too, meaning they are practical and not just for show. I loved accessorising this look with some true vintage and 1940’s repro pieces to help finish the look. This amazing 1940’s hat was the perfect pink to compliment this dress, teamed with a simple pink brooch and the amazing peggy heels in brown from Royal Vintage Shoes. The end result is a polished, 1940s look that I absolutely adore and cannot wait to wear more!

I got the size 18 to accommodate for my hips, though it is a bit big in the bust for me so I do end up having to wear a very padded bra to help fill it out. The Ash Peach Floral print is absolutely gorgeous in person and a classic pattern without being too overbearing. However, if it isn’t for you they also come in a few different prints as well as solid block colours too. The Lana retails for £99.00 which equates to around $167AUD + postage, though this does fluctuate a bit with the Australian dollar. I know mine was snapped up when the dollar was a bit stronger and I’m glad I did. 

I hope you've all enjoyed this review and I'm sorry its taken so long to get out. I've been having some issues recently with blogger not posting or wiping my scheduled content (which is incredibly annoying!)

Til next time darlings

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  1. I love your Lana dress, looks really beautiful on you! Love your hat and shoes as well! I had to get my Lana dress altered between the bust and waist, because of it being too big. :)