Thursday, 26 March 2015

Review ~ Setting Spray from Miss Ruby Rabbit!

Review time! I have honestly SO many reviews to catch up on now I have the time to get back into them, so though I’d start with the spray I mentioned earlier!

As many of you know, my hair is renowned for being…uncooperative! My hair is any stylist’s worse nightmare when it comes to creating curls as I unfortunately have extremely strong, thick and stubbornly straight hair! I've tried a lot of products on the market aimed at curling, with little to no success. Heat sets on my hair are lucky to last 30 minutes (seriously!) and the longest a wet set had ever held on my hair for me so far was 4-6 hours. I’ve never had curls left over to repin at the end of the day. I’ve never had curls not drop after the first 30-60 minutes….its honestly a constant struggle that I think he internet overlooks as I tend to only post my successful days lol! My hair is HARD work when it comes to styling and often has a mind of its own!

So…when the amazing Miss Ruby Rabbit contacted me about her new hair range, I was secretly hoping this would be my holy grail of hair products and I was right! I was SO excited when my gorgeous goodies arrived in the mail. I received the setting spray and the 
pomade, my first ever pomade which also made me SUPER excited! 

The first time I set it, I used it as I would my normal spray. I used a spray bottle to dampen my hair (too wet and due to the thickness it won’t dry) and put a misting of the setting spray over my hair. It honestly SMELLS amazing as well, which is so lovely. I woke up to that smell and it really lifted my mood. I then brushed it through before doing a simple foam roller set on my hair. I let it set for 6-7 hours overnight before I took it out. The results were INCREDIBLE!

I got the best curls straight out of the rollers I have EVER had. They were tight, well-formed and held their curl even with a very light brush out! These curls lasted me ALL day! I mean all day! I had enough curl left over to re-pin my original wet set, something that for me has never happened before. This to me alone testaments to how amazing it is! I use the pomade to help minimize my friziness of my hair and it did an amazing job!

This is a product I’d definitely recommend buying as for me personally it’s the ONLY product I’ve ever found that has made my hair try curl and I've tried quite a few.  For thick stubborn hair, this still will change your life! I've used it regularly since it arrived and I honestly LOVE it! Whether I'm setting right a tight set or something more wavy! Its become my go to!

The only con I can mention is that it is a heavy spray, so if you get too enthusiastic with your spraying (which I have done once) your hair will be too heavy to maintain the curl. 
But as a whole, I’d recommend this product to anyone wanting a setting spray for their hair!

For details head here to get some of your own! 

Til tomorrow

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  1. Your hair looks amazing! I wish I could get my hands on that easier over here in the US, I'd definitely be game to try it since the summer humidity where I live is something awful.