Thursday, 20 August 2015

Tartan meets Corporate with the Lori Dress by Voodoo Vixen

Hello all,

Sorry for being so quite this week! I've been a bit under the weather which has really put a dampener on my blogging.

So tonight on the blog I'm bringing you the Lori dress from Voodoo Vixen! For ladies that like a versatile dress, this one is definitely one to add to your wardrobe!

First Impressions

When this dress first arrived was how vibrant the colours on this dress are. Its my second tartan piece and its truly stunning. This dress is of incredible quality. The zip is good quality, the fabric is comfortable to wear with vibrant colours and I couldn't wait to style this dress! I knew instantly as well the fabric would mean that it would be a great dress for work, as it has a corporate feel.

The Fit

I did find the fit of this dress to be a little small. The fabric I found had limited give, especially in the waist, which is something to keep in mine. The tie shoulders however made it very bust friendly, which meant I could either wear my padded bra to bust out for wear one of my vintage bras and it wasn't an issue. The dress length on me came to just below my knees without my crinoline and just at my knees with. The shoulder ties once tied were comfortable to wear and didn't come undone.


The versatility of this dress leaves it open to SO many options for styling! Being winter here in Australia and working in an office has meant I've been styling mine with sheer blouses of white and black. If I could find a red one, it would also look amazing but I haven't managed that one yet. In summer this style would be great without the undershirt as well, while still looking corporate enough. I also imagine this dress would look cute with a cotton long sleeve shirt, black stockings and heeled boots. 

For this shoot, I opted to go with my everyday styling that I've worn to work with this dress. This top is one I bought from Target years ago that I love to team with sleeveless dresses. A red Daisy Jean Signature Rose Double which goes beautifully with the red in this dress. These white Debstar Designs necklace has really become a staple for me when it comes to necklaces. Its simple, comfortable and well made and what pinup doesn't like beaded necklaces. The final touch is the Erstwilder Howling at the Moon brooch, which is such a pretty pop against the tartan. Backseam stockings and a pair of my 1940's styled TUK's finish the look.

For corporate pinup gals, this dress is a must!

As usual, photography by the amazing Russel J Thomas.

I've got more reviews lined up over the next two weeks! More Voodoo Vixen, Starlet Fever and Pin Up Girl Clothing, so keep your eyes out! I'm also going to be reviewing my Redrum Jeffrey Star Velour Lips, my newest Besame colour as well as planning a post on how I set my hair!

Til next week!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress as part of a sponsorship with Voodoo Vixen, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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