Friday 14 August 2015

Voodoo Vixen Review ~ Cute cats in green hues!

Hello all,

Its review time again and I am so PUMPED for this month’s reviews! There are some awesome ones on their way!

Today I’m reviewing a set that I absolutely love, from the incredibly Voodoo Vixen. This review is about the Voodoo Vixen Amelia Skirt and the matching Clarissa Cardigan, both of which I purchased from Gwynnies along with the Creep Heart Black Cat Brooch.

Now it’s no secret I’m a lover of green and even though I’m no longer a redhead that hasn’t changed. Having such a big difference in size between my upper and lower body, I tend to prefer skirts and tops to dresses as it usually gives me a better fit. So when I saw this adorable skirt while I was browsing Gwynnies separates, I couldn’t resist. A few weeks later when I noticed the matching cardigan, I took the plunge and got that too. This is my first voodoo vixen seperates set and I adore it!

The Skirt:
I found the fit of this skirt to be pretty spot on. I wear a size medium (I average a 30 inch waist) in most open hip skirt styles and this skirt is no different. It has no button fixture, just a zip but I found the width of the waist band meant the zip doesn’t creep or undo with wear, which is something I was initially worried about.

I’ve found this skirt incredibly comfortable to wear. It’s not a full swing but more of an A line cut, which makes it great for work. Its just below the knee length as well means I can wear mine with a small crinoline just for some slight shaping without it peaking underneath.
This skirt is comfortable, doesn’t crease a great deal, has a good quality zip and features the most ADORABLE pattern of black cats sitting under umbrellas. I’d say the green in person is more of a bright olive hued green. I also love the fact that you can team this skirt with so many different colour tops thanks to the skirt really only being 3 colours (green, white and black). And could easily be changed from a winter skirt to a summer skirt.

The Cardigan:
So this is my first Voodoo Vixen cardigan and I must say, it is amazing.  I find cardigans can be a bit hit and miss, as I’ve found some can be scratchy which my skin doesn’t like. I bought the small, which is normal for me in things like cardigans. I have quite small shoulders and find any bigger they tend to slide. This cardigan has quite a lot of stretch so if you have bigger arms, this shouldn’t be an issue.

I found the cardigan comfortable, the buttons didn’t slip or pop and it was relatively warm. I love the matching cat motif on this sweater as it matches the cardigan perfectly.
I love the versatility of these two pieces. They can easily be worn together or separately for create different looks and I find that both of these pieces are ideal items for office appropriate attire, for pinups who work in a more coporate realm.

I accessorized mine with what I felt was the perfect accessory: the Creep Heart Black Cat Brooch. This adorable brooch I felt was just the right fit and stands out beautifully against the green of the Carissa Cardigan. Ella Mobb’s eye for detail and use of layering clear acrylic with printed designs really helps this brooch compliment this look perfectly!

My white bead necklace from Debstar Designs also matched perfectly with this look, thanks to the white detailing in the cats on both the cardigan and the skirt. I love the versatility of the Debstar Design beads and highly recommend them!

I also wore my red flat rose doubles from Daisy Jean, something I’m considering bringing back to the store in the future!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below!

I have more reviews coming this month as well from Voodoo Vixen! My new camera should be arriving sometime next week which will mean makeup reviews, as currently my phone camera just isn’t the right quality!

As always, my photography was by Russell Thomas.

Much love

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