Monday, 23 November 2015

Weekly outfits!

Hello all!

Thought I'd restart my weekly outfit overview posts here, along with restarting blog posts this week! I'm SO excited about that! So expect those very soon! But for now, here's last weeks outfits with the matching shapewear worn noted in brackets!


Scarf - Vintage
Shoes - Last Season Rubi shoes tbar sandals in cream
(Worn with my morticia corset from What Katie did)


Brooch - Creep heart Bat Ghost Brooch (discontinued)
Dress - Hell Bunny Nell Dress (bought on ebay)
(No Shapwear worn today)


Top - Green Sabrina Top from Pin Up Girl Clothing (discontinued)
(Worn with my morticia corset)


Top - Portmans pink top (discountinued)
Belt - ebay


Top - Doll me up top by Sourpuss (discontinued)
Shoes - Rubi tbar sandals (discontinued)


Also for those who have missed it, I've started a YouTube channel so if you'd like to follow me there for tutorials, body confidence goodies and what not, feel free! You can follow it by clicking here.

I also have a new logo coming later this week along with some other exciting things!! 

Til later this week!

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