Friday 13 November 2015

Long time no talk!

Hello everyone!

My goodness, it has definitely been a while hasn’t it! The perils of technology has well and truly kept us apart these last few months as my PC died and let’s just say I found the blogger app to be less than useful. But, the powers that be decided it was time I started blogging again and I now have a shiny new laptop in my hot little hands! And that means, this space will once again be live!

I’m SO very excited as to how having a fully functional laptop will actually help me make this space better! I’ve revamped my page here for a new blogging experience, I have review shoots booked for next weekend and I am ready to really start sharing as much as I can with you all!

My first blog post back (aside from this one obviously!) will be on Monday and I’ll have a brand new logo before the end of the year!

Life is good!

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