Tuesday 1 December 2015

1940's Glamour ~ Miss L Fire Betty Shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes

Shoes. They seem, to have always been the last thing I think of when I put together an outfit. As someone with rather fussy feet, finding good pinup shoes has been hard and cheap ballet flats have, for the longest time been my go to. As someone who has over a half a size difference between my feet, buying heels has always been incredibly hard and the pairs I did have were too big which resulted in a lot of discomfort and blisters. Basically, for these reasons I rarely wore heels.

Earlier this year, I came cross Royal Vintage Shoes when they opened through a post made by Elinor of The Nylon Swish on Instagram! I intstantly fell in love with the styles but again, because of where I was at with my look and not being sure of fit, I drooled from afar. 

Royal Vintage shoes is a shoe store based in the big land of USA who specialise in selling reproduction shoes from the 1920's through to the 1940's. Their range of designs are durable with a variety of styles to suit all occasions. The sheer variety is a big part of what drew me to the Royal Vintage Store!

More and more amazing vintage styled shoes popped up on my feed, I felt more and more like my shoes were letting my outfits down and I soaked up reviews on fit and the best brands of shoes as I could. When I saw that Royal Vintage Shoes was looking for bloggers to collaborate with, I held my breath and sent an email! I was over the moon when I was contacted about being a brand ambassador and placed my first order to get my first pair!

For my first pair of shoes, I decided to go with the Miss L Fire Betty shoes in brown. I've been finding myself quite drawn to 1940s fashion in the last 4 or so months and figured these shoes would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe! I never expected them to be as versatile as they are!
Worn here with the Bianca Dress from Voodoo Vixen (review coming soon)
Being in Australia, shipping is estimated at 2-4 weeks but I was super stoked to see my shoes in my hands in a week on the dot from the ordering time! Which is super amazing for Australia post! I got them out of the box and could instantly see the workman ship that went into these shoes! For a closer look at them, you can see them in my weekly mail haul YouTube video from the week they arrived! So I wore these shoes for an entire week to be able to give the best review I can on the fit, comfort and general look. So here you go!

I have honestly fallen in love with these shoes! I love that they come in half sizes. I always find size 7's to be too small and size 8's to be too big so now days I tend to stay away from shoes that don't offer half sizes as I need the size up for my larger foot but no matter how much I pack the other with inserts my smaller foot always slips around. These being available in a 7.5 meant this wasn't an issue I had to worry about. I bought the 7.5 and while they were initially a bit snug, but after 2 wears they now fit like a dream.

The back strap on these shoes means I'm loving them this summer as they let me feet breath. The inside being made of printed leather truly does help with this. I've previously had issues with peep toes giving me blisters on my cuticle bed but I've had absolutely NO issues with these shoes in regards to that at all. The only time I've had any discomfort was when I had to run for the train and that was truly due to the impact of the run. Then again, these are heels, not cross country runners!

Now I did give these shoes a workout before writing this post. As an office worker who commutes via public transport, I'm on my feet a bit when I'm not at work. I can honestly attest aside from my first two wears, I didn't come home and quickly ditch my shoes because my feet were aching. In fact, on two evenings I didn't realise my shoes were still on til after an hour I got home, thanks to the comfort! If you are after a comfortable heel that you can wear all day, these are definitely one to consider!

I've also found them to be an incredibly versatile pair of shoes! I wore them with 7 different outfits last week (you can see those outfits by clicking here) and felt the shoes worked really well with 95% of the outfits!

Definitely a new favorite in my wardrobe! I hope you've enjoyed this blog! If you have any more questions about these shoes please feel free to put them in the comments! I'm more than happy to answer! 

Thank you to Russell Thomas for these gorgeous photos!

Its good to be back and I really look forward to bringing you more posts in the future!

Til tomorrow!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these shoes as part of a sponsorship with Royal Vintage Shoes, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 


  1. This dress and these shoes together are a match made in heaven! Looking forward to your next Royal Vintage Shoes collaboration :D

    1. I'm excited for my next collaboration too! I've got 2 pairs on their way which I cannot wait to style!

  2. Hooray! It's amazing what a difference a heftier heel can make, especially when that heel is actually under your foot in the right place! I've been tempted by the Betty sandals and some other Miss L Fire styles but I've always been nervous about the backs and how they would actually end up looking... it's really nice to see them on a person -- they look stellar! Maybe this spring I'll invest in a pair of proper shoes for warm weather.

    1. I'm absolutely loving mine! I cannot wait for my next Miss L Fire pair! I'm glad you found the post helpful x

  3. I love those shoes and that dress together, really beautiful photos! :)

  4. Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous! I love Miss L Fire with a passion. I finally let myself have my first pair - the Gabrielles in green - because I ust couldn't stop thinking about them. They're the only pair of heels I have with an arch support, and they're just so ridiculously pretty. May have to treat myself to a pair of Betty's as well. Very very versatile style (as I've been seeing the last two weeks, you're wearing them with everything!)