Tuesday 8 December 2015

My growing 1940's obsession

1940s is a style that I've talked about a LOT this year, despite it never really popping up in any of my interests before. I'd never given much thought to the 1940's til I started seeing some of the amazing authentic vintage ladies online and slowly a bit of an obsession grew, especially around hats! Oh my god, my love for vintage 1940s hats is honestly incredible and its definitely something I am hoping to explore more in 2016.

While I've been struggling to find true 1940s vintage in my size, purely due to my large hip size, I have been delighted to find that there are some repro brands making some amazing 1940s inspired items recently and I knew I needed to get myself some! I thought today I'd review one of my favorite 1940s style sets I bought that I feel a bit like I'm currently living in and in love with.

The Heather blouse, retro belt in red and black Nell Pants from Hell Bunny, all available from Gwynnies in Australia. So why do I love this set? Well, Hell Bunny has been bringing out some INCREDIBLE 1940s inspired pieces! like I'm talking dresses, shirts, skirts and pants. I've been watching swing pants from afar and after buying the pair in navy, I took the plunge and bought the black. When Gwynnies stocked the Heather blouse I knew I needed it to match! Firstly the pants!

I normally size up in anything that is tight on the pants but there is an incredible amount of room in these and I was fine in a medium, a large would have been HUGE! These pants are incredibly comfortable and incredibly versatile. If you have a bit of a tummy like me, these pants are also incredible because the zip is in the front and the panel helps them to sit well. I've worn them in warm weather and cool and they work in both, which is awesome! I honestly cannot recommend these pants enough!

The Heather Blouse is just so darn pretty! The floral pattern of this blouse is so beautiful. The different mix of the colours within the florals means it can be worn SO many different ways. I bought the small, which is my normal blouse size and the fit is spot on. Plus I've worn in two different ways so far and I cannot wait to play more with it! Its such a versatile piece. I love all the different brooches I can wear with it because of the black base colour. For this review I accessorised it with my 'Beauty Queen' Brooch from Lulu and Lipstick which I absolutely adore!


I wear this set a LOT with varying belts, beads, flowers and brooches and each look has a different feel. Its such an amazing set and I honestly cannot recommend it enough! Also the price for pieces that you can wear so many different ways, its incredible.

Outfit Details:

I hope you all love this post and if you have any questions feel free to pop them in the comments!

More coming this week!

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