Thursday, 8 September 2016

1940's Film Noir with Pinup Girl Clothing

Ever had that outfit you've looked at online, oogled and then told yourself it wouldn't look that amazing on you so why bother? I think we've all had that moment. I've had more of those moments in 2016 than I care to admit but I've begun to find myself in a place where I love my curves instead of loath them. This outfit was one of those outfits I'd thought so much about. I recently ordered a dress from Pinup Girl Clothing through Natasha Marie Clothing and on a whim put the Malia top in Oxblood and the Pointe Midi skirt in black in my order too. This turned out to be a godsend because while the dress ended up not suiting my shape, these are just perfect!

Beret ~ Vintage from Etsy
Earrings ~ Vienna earrings in silver from Revere Folie
Top ~ Malia top in Oxblood from Pinup Girl Clothing
Skirt ~ Pointe Midi Skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes ~ Black Betty heels from Royal Vintage Shoes
I am so incredibly grateful to Australian businesses like Natasha Marie who allow you to order in PUG and layby it. Its certainly made owning PUG possible again for me, as the drop of the Australian Dollar now makes it an incredibly expensive splurge when I do treat myself. I was so excited when these arrived in the post once paid off, as always I cannot fault Natasha's amazing customer service.

I must admit, when I pulled the Midi Pointe skirt eagerly out of the bag, my first thought is it would be way too small. It looked tiny but thankfully it proved to be one of those instances when looks are deceiving. Its incredibly stretchy and hugs my curves perfectly, both with and without shape wear underneath. 

Another aspect of this skirt I love is the thickness of the fabric. It does mean for a shape wear and corset lover like myself, lines of my undergarments aren't as noticeable with this skirt. The waist also features a slightly wider waistband than my previously owned PUG skirts as well, which is great for defining my waist. The zip goes up easily and doesn't catch at the band which is always a winning feature. Its comfortable to wear all day, though is definitely more of a winter weight skirt than a summer option as it is quite thick. 

The length was the final winning feature for me. Not only is it more 1940's in style but for someone with a more pear shape its more flattering I find than shorter wiggle styles. Such an amazing staple skirt for any 1940's loving pinup. For reference, I'm wearing the size large in this skirt and only a corset for waist shaping. I lace at a 30 inch waist (natural 31-32) and my hips currently sit around 44 inches.

Interestingly, I'd previously bought the Malia top in the Lilac purple and didn't like it on me. I had a feeling it was just the colour that didn't sit well with me and I was right. I absolutely adore it in the Oxblood colour. It truly is so much more vibrant in person than it is in photos. I'm just a little sad the weather is warming up so quickly here as it means I won't get as much wear out of it as I'd like. The Malia is, like the skirt incredibly stretchy and comfortable to wear.

With my previous Malia being a Large and absolutely swimming on my upper body I opted for a medium this time. While it is a little snug in the arms (the tightest spot oddly being my wrists!!) this doesn't affect my movement and its still comfortable to wear. The Malia features an upper back zip for easy wear and this means it doesn't affect the lines at the front of the top and allows the bust detailing to really be the winning focus of this top.

To complete this look I accessorized this outfit with my true vintage beret I scored on etsy for $14 (it actually is almost the exact same shade of red as the top!!), earrings from Revere Folie and black betty Sandals from Royal Vintage Shoes. My sunglasses are Jay Jays from a few seasons ago and are my 1940's go to. I love how feminine and sassy this outfit makes me feel! This look is one I'd highly recommend to any 1940's loving lady!

I paid $110AUD for my Malia top and $125AUD for my pointe skirt via Natasha Marie Clothing, which considering the exchange rate and the fact I didn't have to cover postage into Australia balances out incredibly well. If you are a US gal, the malia top is $80USD and the pointe skirt is $90USD with their US shipping rates. 

I hope you've all enjoyed this review. On a side note I'm honestly SO proud of my far my photography skills have come. I shot these myself with my camera remote on self timer and they came out killer!

Always happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments below or on my IG/Facebook!

Til next time darlings!


  1. I think it was well worth the splurge. Your waist looks so tiny and you just look so beautiful in this outfit.

  2. This outfit is perfection!!! I have been on the fence about the Malia top, maybe for the same reason you opted not to keep the first one. I've only seen pictures of it in softer colors, and I thought it didn't look vintage-y enough to my liking. But this red, it's to die for! Thank you for this post, I think I'll definitely order one too. And the skirt is just what I've been looking for, especially the length. And thank you for the size info, without it I'd been sure to order both in the wrong size.

  3. That top and skirt look amazing together, and look wonderful on you too! xo

    1. Good on you for taking your own photos, they turned out awesome! I take mine as well a lot of the time! :)