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Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble ~ The Erstwilder Halloween Collection

Wearing Toil and Trouble Brooch
Growing up in Australia, Halloween wasn't a big deal. I never went trick or treating as it wasn't a think in the more regional areas I grew up and decorations weren't even in stores. As I came into my teenage years, Halloween started to get a little more traction here in Australia. Trick or Treaters started showing up on our doorstep and my friends started holding 'halloween parties' near the end of my high school life. Now as an adult, I still don't trick or treat (or lets be honest go to Halloween Parties) but I do enjoy incorporating fun Halloween accessories and prints into my wardrobe over the course of October and its definitely been catching on with our local brands! And Australian Accessory Brand Erstwilder are no exception!

This year, Erstwilder have released the cutest halloween brooches and I just had to share, because I believe that are not only fun but can be worn during other seasons! My personal favorites are the Bat Cat brooch, Cozy Cobwet and Toil and Trouble brooch. All of these brooches caught my eye for different reasons and they are all brooches I know I can happily wear outside of the festive season.

Wearing the Bat Cat Brooch
With a mini story of 'Am I the Hero that Erstwilder needs? Or the hero that Erstwilder deserves? One thing's for certain: I'm Bat Cat' the vibrancy of this little guys wings is what caught my eye. That and I just adore bats. I think they are such misunderstood creatures that have been pulled down my a lot of sterotypes. But whats better than a bat, but a bat cat. A fusion of two completely different types of cuddle combined into one!

Bat Cat has purple wings with a gold pattern through them. Bat Cat has a cute cat face with little legs and a tail. As someone who occasionally likes to dabble on the more alternative side, this little guy can definitely come to the dark side with me. His bright purple wings with his dark body makes him fun and easy to wear. He stands out on patterns as well as standing out on a plain black look as well! 

Wearing the Cozy Cobweb Necklace
This is my second Erstwilder necklace and I must say, its definitely the fun one. This necklace features a spiderweb that has the most beautiful shimmer pattern through the back, at a closer look making it look like spiderweb strands. The Spiders on the front are a red back spider and a little black one. These two little guys are happily chilling out together and it makes a great statement piece for a more gothy/vampy look or for darkening your favourite October Halloween looks. Its lightweight to wear, which is something I always feel is super important and its sits comfortably on as well.

Honestly guys, I cannot express how much I simply adore this necklace. Its such a fun piece thats still simple and a great way to compliment or make an outfit. This necklace is definitely proof that creepy crawlies can be cute!

Wearing the Toil and Trouble Brooch
The Toil and Trouble brooch is probably my favorite out of all these brooches. As someone who loved shows and books like The Worst Witch growing up, as well as loving the Mayfair witch series from Anne Rice and of course who could forget Harry Potter, I do have a deep love for witches in literature. So this little Cauldron for me is little bit of the things I loved growing up as a kid. 

The bright green and purple colours of the potion really make this brooch and I love the detail of the fire. It kind of reminds me of the part in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince when Hermonie is trying to brew the potion to win the Felix Felicis. Or hiding in Myrtle's bathroom. Or both. Who doesn't love wearing some witchy goodness!

You can check out the rest of their Halloween collection by clicking here and snap up your own Halloween goodies! I honestly cannot wait to see the amazing outfits everyone wears over this Halloween period! One thing I adore about pinup and retro styling is the fun you can have with it! So why not incorporate some ghoulish glamour into your own wardrobe!

I hope you've all enjoyed this review! It was super fun to head into the cemetery again for some great shots. You can shop the new Erstwilder Halloween range in full by clicking here!

I'll be reviewing this hell bunny dress I bought from Tragic Beautiful next week!

Til next time darlings!

 Disclaimer: Whilst I received these brooches as part of a collaboration with Erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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  1. I am so completely smitten with Erstwilder's Halloween line and really, really hope that the release of a new one each fall/spring becomes an annual tradition for them (especially since I'm really rooting for their take on a cute ghostie brooch :)).

    Great seasonal outfit!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica