Thursday 23 March 2017

Be bold and brave the pink ~ Rocking body confidence with Stop Staring Clothing

As a redhead, pink was never my colour. I was a green girl, through and through. There was something about wearing green with red locks that is so clique but also so perfect. Now as a blonde, while my love of green endures, there’s definitely been a shift of a new colour love in my life and that love is pink.  I’ve found myself drawn to it, almost like a moth to a flame and when my locks are their fresh blonde, I do love wearing pastel pinks. So when I saw this gorgeous dress from Stop Staring clothing, I knew she needed to be mine!

Flowers ~ Blue Rose Double from Daisy Jean 
Earrings ~ Hollywood Hoops from Retro Resins
Brooch ~ Hairdryer brooch in mint from Bel Air Baby
Dress ~ Nylad fitted dress in pink from Stop Staring Clothing
Shoes ~ Red heels from Marco Giani
The Nylad dress from Stop Staring caught my eye instantly, making me think of Marilyn with its slim fit and collar top. Originally I was unsure if I should take the plunge and add it to my wardrobe. It was such a light colour compared to all my other wiggle styles and now days I’m a bit curvier around my tummy than I like. But I decided to not let fear of others perceptions stop me from rocking an amazing frock, so the Nylad was added to my wardrobe. Keeping with my previous aim to shoot some of my review looks without shapewear, I stepped outside my comfort zone and rocked the Nylad simply on her own, tummy and all. 

I’ve been wearing stop staring clothing for a long time for their quality and the Nylad is no exception. While I could have sized down to a L with this dress as its bengaline and super stretchy, I opted for the XL a more comfortable fit around my hips. I love its back zip for easy wear and the slim belt is perfect for adding a slight waist cinch without being too much. The collar sits well and I had no problems with it turning up. The bengaline is comfortable and as with my other stop staring dresses it washed well on a delicate/hand wash setting on my machine without any hic-ups! Being baby pink its been a dream to style and I’ve really moved teaming a vintage suit jacket I have of a similar colour for a more work appropriate look. Being smaller busted though, I do have to wear a padded bra to really fill out the cups. But I knew this would be the case when ordering.

One reason I do love this dress though is how amazing I feel in it. Yes I’m lumpy and bumpy. I’ve got a tummy. But I don’t believe that wiggle dresses are a style that should be exclusive to ‘slimmer girls’. Light colours are normally seen as ‘unsuited’ for larger ladies too. But if you want to wear that baby pink than wear it girl! We all have such wonderful unique bodies that should be celebrated in all their forms. Now days it’s easy for me to want to hide my body away under a full skirt. But this dress really reminded me to embrace my body through what feels good to wear. I’ve loved wearing this dress, whether its been to work or a girl’s day out. It’s a power dress for me (A status which is normally only held by my red dresses) and I love the way it makes me feel in my own skin.

The perfect accessories for me to team with this look was hues of blue and mint! I opted to wear my blue signature rose double with this look from Daisy Jean, my Hollywood Hoops from Retro Resins for a pop of glam and the most adorable Hairdryer brooch from Bel Air Baby! These are all small businesses too, which as a small business owner myself (Daisy Jean is my business) I do love supporting! 

The amazing Nylad dress is $165US/$215AUD + postage but the quality of Stop Staring is definitely worth it. I've got a number of Stop Staring items in my wardrobe, some second hand off ebay and they are still in amazing condition. A dress that will definitely last and they also prove to be incredibly versatile in styling as well. A true wardrobe investment.

I hope you've all enjoyed this review! I've got some exciting posts coming including the first post of a new segment where I share inspiring women I follow with you all and a recap of my trip to New Zealand!

I'm also blog shooting this weekend some gorgeous goodies to come to the blog on April!

Photography by the amazing Phil Ingram Photography.

Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress in a collaboration with Stop Staring, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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