Wednesday 15 March 2017

Peachy perfect with Le Keux Cosmetics

While I am a 1940s-1950s girl at heart, I do sometimes like to dabble in the 1960s for something a bit different. Whereas my love of earlier eras means I red lipstick is my staple, I knew the moment I saw the Peachy Keen Lip Paint from Le Keux is was perfect for a fun 1960s casual look. So I thought I'd let you all know about the Le Keux lip paint (you can read my review of their Cadillac liner and pinup powder here).

Le Keux is a company based out of a hair and styling salon in England that make pinup cosmetics. Their lip paints are great for their versatility. They can be mixed together to make a variety of different colours and can be worn as a gloss, a matte or even a blush. So I thought I'd show you my favorite way to wear my Le Keux lip paint in the colour Peachy Keen!

Dip your're finger in
Rub in circular motions on the cheek bones til blended
Rub in circular motions on the cheek bones til blended

One cheek done, now repeat on the other side
 To apply the lip paint as a blush, you simply dab your finger into the into the paint, apply on your cheek and blend in circular motions until blended in. The peachy keen gives a lovely subtle pink glow to the cheeks which is great for not just 1960s looks but also 1950s floral looks. To help set it I like to top it with the Pinup Powder.

Using the Le Keux pinup powder
Setting the lip paint with the Pinup Powder
For this 1960s look I opted to also do some very light contouring, using a light brown powder and a highlighter on either side.

Some very light contouring to help complete the look.
Cheeks are done!
 Now onto the lips! My favorite way to apply my Le Keux Lip Paint with to double layer with their Pinup powder inbetween. I find this personally gives me the coverage to only need to lightly touch up but also gives the colour a bit of an extra colour pop! The lip paint isn't like a liquid lipstick and doesnt' dry matte, however can be made to appear matte if desired. You will need to touch up the inside of the lips after meals though!

Apply layer one with lip brush
First layer done

If you do prefer a gloss finish, this is what a single layer looks like on. A gorgeous soft pink perfect for spring and summer! To double the layers I blot with tissue, I then use the pinup powder to set the lip paint. This helps give it a very matte finish. Again it can be left here or this step can be redone at the end to make this lip colour matte.

Blot first layer with tissue
Using the Le Keux Pinup Powder to set the lip paint
Using the Le Keux Pinup Powder to set the lip paint

Now I just add the final layer of the lip paint again with the lipstick brush. I do adore the soft pastels of this lip colour and really want to wear it more next spring, as I'm hoping to make some 1960s style looks this colour will go amazingly with!

Apply the second layer

Apply the second layer

The final look!
So here is the final look! The colour of Peachy Keen is subtle and very pretty. While it does need to be touched up as I said earlier, I found as long as I powdered my lips prior to application there as no issues with bleeding. Le Keux cosmetics also come in the prettiest packaging as well as smelling lovely. And who doesn't love a cosmetic that can do more than one thing! I've found it comfortable to wear and it doesn't dry out my lips, which is something I'm prone to.

Scarf ~ Pink Scalloped scarf from Doll Me Up Inc
Earrings ~ Shell earrings from Revere Folie
Top ~ Beach Bash tee by Atomic Swag from Gwynnies

I hope you've all enjoyed this review! Don't forget, you can use coupon CURVECREATION10 to get 10% off any cosmetics you order from Le Keux!

Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these items in a collaboration from Le Keux Cosmetics, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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