Thursday, 21 May 2015

A beginners guide to Pinup Makeup ~ the basics

Hello all!

I'm finally back to regular blogging here and I'm so excited to be bringing you new blog posts as well as hopefully launching my YouTube channel in the very near future!

But for today, I thought I'd bring you just a little blog post on how to incorporate vintage style make up into your make up routine, especially for beginners to start getting the basics on how to look like the fabulous Dita, who is a prime example of classic vintage beauty styling. There are a few elements of stereotypical pin up/vintage style make up that can be used alongside a modern look or are great starting points. You can start with one or try all together, it really depends on you! I want to do posts about specific eras at a later date, so this one is purely a general makeup guide.

Matte Foundation:

The pinup look is all about a matte finish, especially with foundation! This is achieved through using a liquid foundation set with a powder. The powder will not only set the foundation, but prevent shine.


There has been a very big shift in the past 2 years in the online pin up scene towards strong defined brows that have an arch. The arch is very important as its what gives the vintage shape. This can be achieved with drawing the shape with an eyebrow pencil or pot, if your brows don't naturally have this shape.

Winged Liner & lashes:

Winged eye liner is the go to for a vintage look! Both black and brown can be used and it can be liquid or pencil. Here is a mini tutorial on how to do winged liner (this is personally how I do it to!). Winged eye liner is all about practice. Be patient and keep trying! Mascara was worn with none on the bottom lid (top only, same with liner) and focus on the outer lashes of the eye.

Nude Lids:

A nude coloured lid with a darkened crease is a popular pinup shadow look, shown here in this image from Pinterest (click for link). This look is easy to achieve with an eyeshadow palette. Check this YouTube Tutorial for a 'how to' on how to achieve this look!

Red Lips:

Red lips are characteristic of vintage styling as well as an overdrawn top lip, as well as lips being matte. The best way to achieve this is the line the lips first, then apply lipstick with a brush before blotting with a tissue! Reds can range from oranges to deep reds. 

I hope you've all found this post informative and helpful! Hoping to bring more of these post styles in the near future! If there is a specific type of post you'd like to see, email me at


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