Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I'm Back!

Did you all miss me? I know I've been awfully quiet on the blogging front, but with good reason. I was having issues with the rental I was living in and just relocated the week before my birthday (yay!) as well as stress which bought on weight gain linked to those issues. Basically, 10kg later after ongoing landlord and building integrity problems and I am FREE and so incredible stoked about that fact! I am now living in a brand new building complex that has given me a new lease on life, a heavier wallet after I pay my expenses and the ability to get back to my previous banging body!

This new lease will basically allow me to start building my wardrobe/look again, which will mean I will actually be able to do reviews again and not just constant wishlist posts lol! It also means less travel, which means more time to finally get my youtube channel up and running with all those tutorials people keep requesting and more blogging time here!

I'm taking this week to finish settling into my new routine, but you can expect to see posts happening here again as of Monday at the latest!

Cannot wait to grow this little blog space again!

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