Saturday 12 September 2015

Shooting wth Starlet Fever Clothing!

Happy Saturday!

I hope its going great for you all and you are enjoying the weekend! Its post time!

This blog post is dedicated to fulfilling a dream! Its quite personal, so I hope you enjoy it and all take something from it.

When I first got into pinup modelling two years ago, I held dreams of modelling for a brand. I remember at the time it felt completely unobtainable! I felt like a nobody, still being a newbie (though I do often still feel like this to be honest) and I kind of shelved the idea. It was something I never thought would happen for me, thought it was something that always kind of haunted the back of my mind.

Then 2015 started! I'd pegged it as being my year at the end of 2014 but it ended up being a killer. I had a lot of issues with where I was living which caused a HUGE spike in my anxiety. I went back into full time work as well and my modelling came to a screaming HALT after 18 months of growth and traction. This, along with an 8kg weight gain from stress, left me feeling very down about myself and my body, especially when some of my favorite clothes stopped fitting me. 

In June, I decided to take back my motivation and my self confidence and make a big change: I went blonde. Something that initially petrified me. I'd been a proud red head for 3.5 years and the thought of such a big change felt really scary and uncomfortable. But I went ahead. I was feeling SO stagnant within myself I needed change. And going blonde would allow me to hit the water again after years of barely swimming due to my red bleeding when wet. So, I saw the lovely Miss Ruby Rabbit from Retrobillia and we took the plunge! (To read about my transition from red to blonde, click here) Little did I know, that taking this plunge would open up the opportunity for me to fulfil a dream and model for a brand!

In July, I had the pleasure of being sponsored an amazing new dress (review here) to review here on my blog. The quality of the dress is incredible and I instantly fell in love. A few weeks after receiving it they contacted me again to ask if I'd be interested in modelling for their website as a blonde. I remember initially being so nervous I didn't know how to reply straight away! Especially with the weight I'd gained in the past few months! But I soon did and the shoot day was organised for the day after I got my hair done blonde! We were shooting in the Wollongong Botanical gardens, which is a place I truly love.

So the day came and it meant a VERY early start! I drove down to Wollongong, to have the amazing Ruby take out the set we'd done the day before for the shoot. Then I went and had my make up professionally done before heading to the gardens and setting up to shoot.

Hair flowers are from Daisy Jean Floral Designs, Heels are all Pin Up Couture
The team were lovely! I was also stoked to finally be shooting with Cupcake Photography after we got rained out for our first real shoot together earlier in the year. We packed up our clothes rack of goodies we were shooting and the big collapsible change room and we headed to our first location!

The first outfit we shot was the Eleanor Dress in High Risk Red which is a dress I fell in love with! It was SO comfortable and with my amazing hair. It was a good dress to start with as red has always been my power colour!

The day pasted in a blur of pretty clothes and pretty poses. As I relaxed I felt more and more at ease and my poses became more natural!

Being adjusted by Suz

Suz working the angles for some amazing photos!

Behind the scenes snap

Playing with Shadows

Drink break! And all the glamourous expressions!

A day that started at 6.30am for me wrapped up at 4.30pm! It was a massive day but I honestly had such a blast shooting! It was such an incredible experience to get the opportunity to work for a brand and its a brand I can honestly say know their stuff. Their quality is incredible and I adore their products and their dedication to flattering pieces!

Here are some of the shots from the shoot which I adore!

It was so incredibly exciting to see these pictures and more up on the Starlet Fever website and it definitely gave me the boost I needed to start taking my life back. Not only did this shoot fulfill a dream I never thought would eventuate, it also gave me my self confidence back, reminded me that I was more than my weight and that I can achieve amazing things, even if I don't think I can. Never doubt yourself, you are capable of SO much more than you give yourself credit for! 

I would truly like to thank Starlet fever for giving me the amazing opportunity you did to model for your company! The experience is truly one I will cherish for ever and I intend to add more Starlet Fever to my wardrobe in the coming months! Also a thank you to Suz of Cupcake Photography for being such a pleasure to shoot with!

Til Monday!

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  1. Having just done my first informal pinup shoot, I can definitely say it boosts any confidence problems straight out of the water. Although, I might have to do a shoot a month to keep it there :) I'm very similar in size, build and weight to you and seeing how great you look gives me the guts to show it off as well. E are so hard on ourselves. I also lost 8kg last year and then picked it all up again this year.... We are fab, keep going and blooming. It's so wonderful to witness. Now I think it's time for me to think of a pinup name... Hugs all the way from South Africa