Wednesday 9 September 2015

Wishlist Wednesday ~ the summer top edition

Hello all!

Its Wishlist Wednesday time!

So last summer, I was still working a lot less and as a result my wardrobe consisted of a lot of halter and tank style tops for summer. Flash forward 9 months and this is no longer the case. I now working full time in a corporate environment which means a lot of the dresses and tops I wore last summer won’t be appropriate this summer.

So begun the hunt for this week for sourcing some tops that I can wear to work. While I love my PUG tops, I find them a bit too boobilicious for a primary work top (doesn’t stop me wanting ALL the Sean tops though!) and I found myself stumbling across the Collectif website last week in search of an on sale knit and figured it couldn’t hurt to have a bit of a peek.

 I do own some collectif but nothing compared to my PUG or Hell Bunny collection. This is due to its fit not being quite right for my shape, especially in their wiggle styles in the past, though oddly the few styles I’ve bought recently I found to be a tad too big. So I figured, for more work appropriate simple tops they might be the go to, especially since I love the 3 Dolores tops I currently own (white, red and black).

Well when it comes to cut tops, jackpot hit! So many great tops that I can easily wear to work! Here are some of my favorites!

Plain Alice T-Shirt

Dolores Top in Pink

Eliza Blouse Plain White

Violet Watercolour Chiffon Blouse
As well as the amazing Robin Knit top in the below colours!

Special mention to this totally adorable pineapple print crop gypsie top I need as well!!
Looking forward to my first BIG collectif order next week!

Much love

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