Friday 25 September 2015

This pinup is changing things up!

Firstly, I apologies for my lack of posts lately! I’m currently without a PC at home as mine gets repaired and it’s totally cramping my blogging big time! But here’s a post for you all today!

So since I got into pinup, I’ve been a repro girl. As a beginner I started at the ideal time: the exchange rate was good which meant it was affordable for me to buy direct from brands in the USA and UK, plus I worked in a store that stocked a lot of brands I love so I had easy access to them. Well, a lot has changed since then.

In August of this year the Australian Dollar dived and hit a 6 year low as China depreciated their currency. Needless to say, the drop in value of the Australian dollar has really hurt my pinup repro vibes, especially for brands like Pin Up Girl Clothing that are only stocked in limited styles in my country. I did my research and found that they aren’t expecting the Aussie Dollar to rise above where its sitting ($1.40AU equals $1USD) so that kind of popped PUG into the “for special occasions only” category in my wardrobe.

With all this in mind, I found myself drifting into the world of true vintage online and trawling through etsy looking up everything from clothes to hats and accessories in styles for the 1940’s and 1950’s, which ideally are my decades I feel most at home in. I know I was always a bit unsure of vintage with my very alternative red locks as I just didn’t feel I could pull an authentic look with my hair, especially with how hard it was to style when it was red, however now as a blonde I’ve been finding myself gravitating towards it more.

The rise of the cost of repro due to the exchange rate, has lead me to find that a lot of the true vintage pieces I like in my size are actually cheaper and have options like Layway available so you can pay it off over a certain period. For once, for me at least, true vintage is seemingly cheaper than my much loved repro. And its not just the clothes themselves I’ve found, but a wealth of vintage patterns in my size for some of the cuts of dress I cannot find in my size online!

So expect to start seeing some more true vintage in my wardrobe as well as posts about my sewing adventures! I honestly cannot wait!

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