Tuesday 19 January 2016

Lets talk foundations...because I honestly get asked ALL the time!

Morning darlings!

Kmart Bra, Orchard Corset mesh underbust, What Katie Did suspender belt and stockings
I didn't have a post originally intended today but after a few comments I've gotten recently online when I've posted my foundation garments, I felt this post was a little....necessary. 

Kmart Bra, What katie did Morticia Corset, suspender belt and stockings
Its no secret that I wear foundation garments. I make a point of posting my foundations because I use them to make to manipulate my natural shape to create the shapes I want under clothes. I do this to achieve a certain look but also because I enjoy how foundation garments feel. I share not just to show women how the shapes are created but also because for me personally I think its unethical to let women believe my body looks a certain way when it doesn't. Its a bit like old school photoshop. And as someone who believes in body positivity I don't think pretending my body looks a certain way when it doesn't really is not setting a good example for the ladies who follow me who may struggle with their own body confidence.

La Senza Bra, Orchard Corset and Rago Panty Girdle
In 2015 I really fell in love with corset regularly and most days I wear one for around 8-10 hours, depending on what I'm doing. I wear suspenders a lot of the time, with the exception of SUPER hot Sydney days this summer. I'm starting to brand out more into more authentic cuts of bra as well as girdles. No I do not find these uncomfortable. I personally find them to be more comfortable than 'modern' lingerie. Recently on one of my foundation photos (pictures above) I got my first ever negative response from people, but I did note these people were people who had very little understanding of what real foundations actually do. 

First let me say what I wear is primarly reproduction vintage as well as some true vintage foundation pieces.These are no even in the same world as the kmart and target 'shapewear' you see. These are firm fitting, designed to smooth and create a vintage shape of a small waist and smooth hips. Some are definitely a wriggle to get into but after abit of practice its only really added maybe 5 minutes max onto my morning dressing routine. It doesn't take anywhere near as long as newbies think it does. If you follow Elinor of the Nylon Swish on Periscope she posts photos showing her getting dressing in the morning. It doesn't take long at all. 

Kmart Bra, Kiss Me deadly Girdle, Myer stockings
Using the bathroom is also a BIG one I get comments on a lot. No, wearing a corset does not affect my ability to use the bathroom. When using the bathroom in my panty girdle I just pull it down like underwear and back up. Same deal goes for suspender belts. I literally pull it down from the top, suspenders still clipped and then back up when I'm done. It might add at max and extra 1-2 minutes to a toilet trip, which hardly really affects the overall experience.

Revival Suspender belt, Kmart High waisted undies, What katie did stockings
Then I've been starting to get negative comments from people who clearly follow mainstream trends and like to wear simple bras and undies combos which is fine. Why I do what I do isn't anyone else's business. I don't share it for women who think that foundations are a waste of time/unattractive. My posts aren't for them. My posts are for the women who are interested, who I want to know how I achieve shapes and those who don't judge others on what works for them just because its outside their own personal preferences.

Sorry to rant a bit darlings, I've just been getting this a LOT lately and its been driving me a bit barny!

Thank you for the read!


  1. I love your foundation posts! For a long time I've wanted to wear foundations daily as I love the look and feel but never quite been sure where to buy, if it's practical and how it looks all put toget her on a curvy woman.... thank you for your posts.


  2. Thank you for the info and posts. Anyone who doesn't like it doesn't have to read it!