Saturday, 16 January 2016

Spring blooms with the Adelaide Dress by Lindy Bop

I'm an absolute sucker for florals, which is actually kind of funny in its own way. Let me explain as there are certain things the interwebs doesn't know about this pinup. So basically, I don't like dirt...kind of like I don't like dust. The texture on my skin of either really used to upset me growing up (I can adult a bit better now days so its not as bad) and I was born into a family that was very big on gardening. So I never really appreciated gardens or flowers in my youth because I was too busy hiding in my room with a book from my mother so she wouldn't ask me to help her in the garden lol! Thankfully now days she knows not to ask.

Flowers ~ Blue Double From Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Brooch ~ Erstwilder Little Lockhart 
Belt ~ Hellbunny Red Retro Belt
Dress ~ Adelaide Dress from Lindy Bop
Shoes ~ From Nude Stilettos
But in my adulthood I've come to be able to appreciate gardens and namely flowers for their beauty. My wardrobe does bust with quite a few floral patterns of varying types and I run a floral hair flower business. So I guess you could say the love got serious. My last purchase for myself in 2015 was this gorgeous Adelaide Dress from Lindy Bop, which I got on sale and since its still on sale is one I thought I'd share! The colour scheme isn't like anything else I own and I've really wanted to try new things with my fashion choices in the last few months so this one seemed a good choice!

The fit for this dress is pretty good. I got the 12. Its a bit firm on the arms atm but fits perfectly everywhere else. The length is also a little bit shorter than what I am used to as well, but for summer this is proving to definitely be a good thing! Its slightly looser than what I normally wear on the waist (without a belt) which does allow for a fair bit of airflow which does help to keep you cool.

And its a total steal at $43.50 with shipping! Also, if you love my amazing yellow shoes, you can read my previous blog on them by clicking here!

Just short and sweet today. I'm busy running around getting next weeks photos all ready for you! I hope you are all as excited as I am for even more reviews!

Til next week!

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  1. You are looking fabulous in this wonderful dress. I am quite motivated now to host a party for my daughter as didn’t had a great dress to wear until now. Hoping to book an event space Chicago within our budget.