Monday 18 January 2016

Miss Lady Luck festival 2016

2015 was not a good year for me anxiety wise. 
In reality it got so bad I had to take time off from a lot of things I love purely because I couldn't cope with it: modelling, pageants, social outings. I was trying to be social and felt most of the time like I was suffocating. But near the end of 2015 I really started to embrace who I am and that in turn lead to my anxiety affecting me less. So I decided in 2016 I wanted to not just step out more but reach out more and start to build up a group of friends who I feel I can be myself with. So when I was messaged by the lovely Ruby Rabbit to organise a group to head up to the Lady Carrington hotel in Katoomba for the Lady Luck Festival, it sounded like an amazing idea! In the end the day was organised to be myself, Ruby Rabbit, Miss Kitty Meow and Miss Annie Sky.

Vintage Cars Parked on the main street

Vintage Cars Parked on the Main Street

The Lady Luck Festival is a retro/vintage event stretching over 2 days that sees cars, live bands and stall holders. We got there bright and early, though the damp cold weather was a bit offputting! While this even wasn't as big as I had expected, the scenery allowed for he 4 of us to do some shopping and browsing as well as charming as we'd never hung out as a group before!

Miss Polly Polka Dot at her Stall Polly Dot
Some of the awesome products from Polly Dot
The ladies! (And gent)
Miss Kitty Meow browsing Glam Comix

Girl Fun at the Glam Comix Stall
It was a really cool day, even if there wasn't a whole lot to do. I caught up with some of the amazing stall holders I normally chat to at the Rock n roll markets as well as getting to see all the vintage cars and have a better look at this amazing hotel, which oddly enough was where I was meant to be married when I was engaged to my ex partner. 

One of the ceilings in the Carrington Hotel

I also had the absolute BALL meeting the Heels for Combat Boots ladies who are Pinups reaching worldwide who are assisting our Servicemen & Women with PTSD/TBI, which is a great cause. Felling Australian Pinups Miss Diamond Divine (@missdiamonddivine on IG) and Kirsty Anne (@missharlemtale on IG) were both there representing and raising funds for such an awesome cause. 

Deb of Debstar Designs
I also saw Deb of Debstar Designs! If you've seen me wear a bead necklace, there is 100% chance it comes from this amazing lady. If you don't have any necklaces from Debstar Designs, I strongly recommend getting some!

Girl Gang ~ Miss Ruby Rabbit, Miss Annie Sky and Miss Kitty Meow

Miss Ruby Rabbit and Me
Miss Kitty Meow and me
Miss Annie Sky and me
I've always struggled with friends. I have odd interests and find it difficult normally to relate to others. The way my last relationship ended also left me quite timid and fearful of other women, especially of letting one close (my ex cheated on me with our flatmate who was also a friend). This, coupled with my anxiety meant that I really struggled with making friends, especially in the pinup scene. Its been incredible to connect with these three incredible women, who I feel I can be myself with, who I am learning to let in which for me is an incredible step. So a massive thank you to these incredible women!

I'm going to leave this post here today darlings, I feel like I've rabbited on enough! I'm going to leave today's post here, but I've got two reviews coming this week too!

Stay safe darlings!


  1. Looks like such a fun time :) the East Coast gets all the fun things! Thanks for sharing some of the vendors; a few more to add to my radar :P

  2. I want to try and attend more pinup/rockabilly events this year, if I can! The one you went to looks great, even though it was cold!! :)