Wednesday 13 April 2016

Beauty post ~ At home half moon nails ~ First try

Hello darlings,

So in 2016 I decided I was going to give my nails a break from having acrylics after 4+ years. There were a few reasons for this but the primary reason was the fact that crafting my flowers and now the resin pieces I'm bringing to the store, my acrylics were just getting trashed all the time as well as not always having the free time to sit for over an hour and get them done. Which means I've been looking at ways to get nails that I like to look of at home. While I do want to find time to get them done professionally every so often, its not always possible but I still want nice nails.

So for my first attempt at half moon nails, I decided to use french tip strips, a dark red quick dry nail polish and a clear top coat. I opted for Rimmel as I know from past experience on my toes, it dries quickly and the colours are nice.

It was quite hard to get them to sit right on my right hand (I'm right handed) but the left hand was a lot easier. They go on really easy and secure easily.

I started by placing the strips on the base of my nail, to help create the half moon. I wrapped them right around the finger to help keep them in place.

I did two coats of the red polish, starting at the strip and working my way out to the tip. Once it was dry to touch, I pulled off the strips so I could paint the clear polish.

The top picture is prior to the top coat, the second is after the top coat. Looking at it, I should have left the red a little longer to dry before doing the top coat as it did run through a little the half moon. But I'm overall happy with them for a first go.

So thats my first attempt at do it yourself half moons. I'm going to keep practising and do another post in a few months or so! Its a great option for ladies who like the look but can't get to or afford a nail appointment. 

I'm hoping to start bringing more 'beauty posts' like this to the blog!

Happy to answer any questions in the comments!

Til next time

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