Monday 18 April 2016

Weekly Outfits ~ 11th April 2016

Hello darlings!

I cannot believe we are already halfway through April. I mean, where the hell is 2016 going?! 

Last week had some good outfits, even though I'd succumbed to the flu by mid week! But a day and a half of bed rest saw me bounce back and kick butt again!

I'm trying to really start pushing my styling and try different looks each week, as I've found I've been becoming 'comfortable' in wearing a few repeat pieces! 


Blouse ~ Sheer blouse from Target (discontinued)
Skirt ~ True Vintage, part of a suit purchased from Word from the Bird


Scarf ~ Green true vintage scarf
Top ~ No brand purple knit top
Shoes ~ Pin Up Couture



Brooch ~ Kraken brooch by Erstwilder (discontinued)
Jumpsuit ~ Ambleside Playsuit by Hell Bunny from Gwynnies (Review coming soon)


Bandana ~ CanTeen for Kids Bandana in red (buy one here. Proceeds go to supporting young people going through Cancer)
Shoes ~ Payless flats


Brooch ~ Marilyn Brooch from Deer Arrow (currently sold out, due to restock soon!)
Frilly Socks ~ Cotton on Body

I've got some fun blog reviews lined up for this week, as well as finally allocating some time to sit down with my camera and do a youtube video for you all!

Its going to be a great week! 

Til later darlings!

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