Thursday, 7 April 2016

Mermaids to lift the mood ~ Made of Honor dress by Banned Apparel

Its no secret I'm a mermaid lover. I have a monofin hanging in my bathroom, a number of mermaid brooches both self made and bought and I often talk about my dreams of having being a mermaid involved in my future in some shape or form. Its a childhood fantasy that has well and truly followed me into adulthood and I personally find nothing wrong with that. This gorgeous dress came from the lovely Gwynnies on a day I really needed to be lifted and it is made by Banned Apparel. Despite being nearly 26 I see no issues in wearing mermaid print dresses, infact I want more!

Flowers ~ Orange Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Necklace ~ White beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Ursula brooch from Mermaid Missi
Dress ~ Made of Honor dress from Banned Apparel from Gwynnies
Shoes ~ Lacey heels by B.A.I.T from Royal Vintage Shoes (review up tomorrow!)
Banned Apparel is a wholesale only company like Hell Bunny whose stock I’ve started seeing pop up more and more in the retro scene in the past few months and this mermaid dress was such a hit it sold out on the first restock.

The Made of Honor dress is slightly shorter than the dresses I normally prefer to wear but with the print I find it makes the dress incredibly fun. It features a bow at the bust, capped style sleeves and a band around the waist. The fun fabric makes it versatile to accessorize and I mean, lets be honest…it has mermaids. The structuring of this dress is very good, though the invisible side zip can be a bit of a pain when getting it over the waist band.

I chose to accessorize my Made of Honor dress with the perfect brooch! The Ursula brooch from my Mermaid Missi store! I’ve been trying to find the perfect outfit to team this with and now I’ve found it! It’s made of mirrored acrylic and is available here.

This dress ran very true to size. I’m wearing the medium and I can fit in it with or without shapewear on. The sleeves are comfortable and didn’t pull and the fabric does allow a degree of stretch and at only $65AUD + shipping its a total steal!

I hope you've all enjoyed this little review! I've got another mermaid dress coming next week and my review of these amazing shoes tomorrow! 

Til next time darlings!

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