Monday, 24 October 2016

Autumn Hues with Karina Dresses

Darlings, I think I'm in denial. Spring is quickly coming to Sydney Australia (though we are experiencing a slight cold snap atm) and while spring this year is proving lovely, spring is the prelude to summer and summer here is well: hot. Last summer was one of the hottest on record for Sydney and as someone who is very sensitive to heat (low bloods pressure and sensitive skin wise) I’m honestly not looking forward to it, part of me wishes it would stay just slightly warm like it has been before the cold snap, but I don’t think I’m in luck. I’ve noticed that my denial seems to be shining through in some of my outfits lately and this stunning Karina Dress was no exception.

Hat ~ 1940's Vintage from Etsy
Flowers ~ Orange Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Earrings ~ Horseshoe earrings from Luxulite
Brooch ~ Howling at the moon brooch from Erstwilder 
Gloves ~ Vintage
Dress ~ Megan Dress in Autumn Garden from Karina Dresses
Belt ~ Kmart
Shoes ~ Peggy shoes in brown from Royal Vintage Shoes 
When I saw the Megan dress in autumn garden, I knew I had to make it mine. Karina dresses have been releasing some incredible patterns this year and this one is truly no exception. It has such a vintage feel to it and I was delighted to hear from my mum she had found a very similar print in a true vintage fabric she'd picked up recently. It really doesn't' get any better than that! The vibrancy of the reds and oranges really isn't done justice in photos, in person it just pops and it is definitely my new favorite print: I've been working very hard to NOT overwear this outfit.

For the first time since I begun working with Karina Dresses, I opted to size down. Previously all my dresses have been a size M/L but they were out of this print in that size, so I opted for the S/M. I was incredibly surprised and delighted that this size fit me better. I'm quite petite and rounded in my shoulders and my upper body is considerably smaller than my lower half so I was delighted. The stretch in Karina dresses means my bigger hips aren't an issue and I love how much it further accentuated my waist. This is my second Megan dress and I love this style just as much as the first. Its got such a 1940's feel with the right styling. 

For those who aren't familiar with this amazing brand, they make a range of different dress styling in an array of different patterns. Two features I absolutely love about Karina Dresses are their iron free design (the fabric is crease free) and the fact the fabric breathes incredibly well! As a gal with sensitive skin fabrics that don't breath are a massive problem for me as my skin is sensitive to heat. I am so excited to have amazing dresses I can wear on the really hot days in Sydney Australia this coming summer without fear of angry skin. These dresses also look incredible with or without foundations, which is something I find super important. It makes it a versatile dress of either a dressed down day or a dressed up. 

My favorite way to accessorise this dress at the moment is to play to the orange and maroon tones throughout. I discovered when it arrived that it perfectly matched my true vintage 1940's beret and gloves. I added an orange Daisy Jean double for a bright pop of colour, red beads to match the beret and gold horseshoe earrings with a base as a softer accessory to help tie it together. I opped to a neutral brooch of white and I love this brooch I snapped up from Erstwilder in 2014. The pearl of the moon was perfect and brown of the wolf ties to my sunglasses, belt and shoes. These shoes are honestly just incredible and I'm loving styling them at the moment! From Royal Vintage Shoes first collection, keep your eyes peeled for my review of these very soon!

The Megan Dress in Autumn Garden retails for $108USD which is around $141AUD, exchange rate depending. They do ship internationally and I am excited to see what else they bring out over the coming months! If you are after work friendly, comfortable designs with fun prints, Karina Dresses is a brand to consider!

I hope you've all enjoyed this post dolls!

Til next time

 Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress as part of a sponsorship with Karina Dresses, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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