Sunday 15 January 2017

Garden Glamour with Karina Dresses

Some dresses are just made to be worn. Dresses that inspire thoughts of luscious gardens, beautiful people and good conversation. Dresses that make you want to go wandering down garden paths, stealing kisses behind tall hedges and holding picnics on sweeping lawns. The Mia dress from Karina Dresses is one of those dresses.

Flowers ~ White Rose Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Jewellery ~ From my grandmother
Dress ~ Mia Dress in rose print
Shoes ~ Lacey Heels from BAIT Footwear
The Mia Dress in rose print from Karina dresses, is my first Karina dress not made out of its super stretchy fabric, giving it a more structured shape than previous Karina Dresses I've reviewed. Made of a woven Rayon, this gorgeous dress is ideal for summer weather thanks to its breathable fabric and lightweight design. It also has some stunning design differences compared to other Karina Dresses I have in my wardrobe.

Its also my first Kimono style dress, which feature a V front with fuller style sleeves and a waist tie, which imitates the cinched waist of a Kimono. These fuller sleeves are great for ladies who are a bit self conscious of their upper arms and like a bit of coverage and there is little risk of them being 'too tight' as they're made to be loose. Its also not a full skirt, more of a loose Aline which makes it very comfortable in warmer weather and less chance of it being caught in the wind and turning your walk outside into a Marilyn moment.. This dress doesn't feature a zip (simply pull over your head) and like all other Karina dresses doesn't require ironing, simply wash and hang up!

The print of this dress is what drew me to this stunning dress. I'm such a lover of floral prints and the stunning mix of floral blues in this dress is truly stunning in person. The blue hues just pop and as blue is my favorite colour it was really a bit of a no brainer. I love Karina dress prints as the fabrics stay vibrant and colourful even after multiple washes.

I also love the versatility of this dress. I feel like it could easily be worn on a casual day with a pair of flats and a hair piece or bring it up to something more formal with some heels and a string of pearls. I simply adore versatile pieces like this as it means I can wear it to work and with some tweaking also wear it for a night out. For this shoot I opted for a more formal look, wearing pearls and a brooch I inhertited from my grandmother who passed in April last year. This dress does remind me of her in her love of gardening and her love of flowers.

The Mia dress retails for $108US + postage which equates to $143AUD, depending on the exchange rate on the day. Karina dresses ship super fast too, with most of mine never taking more than a fortnight to arrive all the way to Australia. In this shoot I'm wearing a S/M, which is made possible thanks to my smaller upper body. As this dress does have less stretch than their other designs I'd suggest sizing up if you are worried about being able to pull it over your bust!

I hope you've all enjoyed this review and this gorgeous dress. I cannot wait to share more Karina Dress goodies with you in 2017! They're also having a site wide sale right now with 15% off! Simply use coupon HAPPY2017.

Til next time darling!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this Dress as part of a sponsorship with Karina Dresses, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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