Monday 6 February 2017

A thick thighs friend ~ What Katie Did Glamour Seam Stockings

I'm a girl that has thicker thighs. Its no secret. I've always had thicker thighs. And it can sometimes make finding stockings that are comfortable...well....difficult. I've been a long time lover of What Katie Did, having worn their suspender belts for a number of years now. But I used to have trouble with their stockings, simply due to my thicker thighs. I know from comments on my Instagram when I post photos of my foundations, this is an issue a lot of girls can have. I was so excited when What Katie Did bought of their first batch of Glamour Seams in green, blue and red. I snapped up the green and blue when they first came out and was so excited to see the wider welts were much more thick thigh friendly. The green and blue pairs quickly became my staple. I was even more excited to hear that they were extending the Glamour Seams range in other colours. But I've had a heap of questions about if they are actually more comfortable for thicker thighs. So since I had a pair of their original welt style, I wanted to do a comparison for you all so you can really see the difference!

Here is their new glamour seam in black, which are a great staple for everyday wear. These stockings sit quite high on my thighs comfortably, which is something I'm loving (I didn't get it with their original welt style). There is no digging around my inner thighs which is quite a common issue with many of the other style of stocking I've tried. The stockings are comfortable to wear all day without any issues (for reference, I put my stockings on around 7.30am and don't take them off again til 6.30pm when I get home). The welts are thicker and stretchy which give thick thighs a comfortable fit. I also love how the welts colour is matched to the back seam.

 Now one of the most common questions I get asked by curvier thighed girls on Instagram is: are they really a better fit for their thighs? So thought the best way to really demonstrate the difference was to do a side by side, as I still have a pair of their original smaller welted seams in my stocking stash. My right leg is their new glamour seam in latte. The left is their original design counterpart. For reference, my thighs sit at around 27-28 inches. The original welts on my thicker thighs sat quite far down and dug in around my inner thigh. The new wider welts don't give me this issue and sit more comfortably on my thigh as well as further up my thigh. I hope this helps give ladies who have been asking me so many questions about if there really is a difference in their sit a clearer example of the difference. These seams with their stretchy welts aren't just for thicker thighed girls but also look amazing on more petite girls too.

The What Katie Did Glamour seams have really become my daily staple. I love back seamed stockings, especially as my wardrobe now days leans more towards 1940s, back seams do help lift the look and give it a more authentic feel. What Katie Did stockings are made of 15 denier nylon in Italy. These stockings are so comfortable for every day wear and are great for all year round (with the exception of the recent 40+ degree days Sydney Australia has been having). The matching of the back seams to their welts also adds a fun styling element to these stockings. Who doesn't love being colour coordinated!

The What Katie Did Glamour stockings are also incredibly strong and well wearing. I bought my green and blue glamour seams in their release in the last 6 months of 2016 and I'm still wearing them both now. My green pair have a small hole in the toe area of the stockings but as long as you take care of them (I keep mine in a special bag that I inherited from grandmother after she passed) which helps stop them snagging on things. I hand wash them once a week to help keep them clean and store them safely when I'm not wearing them.

The What Katie Did Glamour Seams are currently available in Black, Black Contrast, Grey, Latte, Red, Claret, Green, Blue and Coffee. There is also talk on their Instagram of new colours coming in this amazing stocking style. Another great aspect of the Glamour Seams is they won't break the bank. Per pair these retail for $14.50AUD, which is well priced for such great stockings. The seamless pair I used to buy from myer to compare cost me $13.00 and I actually have gotten longer wear out of these. Shipping to Australia is also reasonably priced, costing only $9.50AUD for orders under $75AUD and $22 for orders over $75AUD. Shipping time takes on average 10 business days which for postage to Australia from the UK is very reasonable. 

For this review, since it was a very hot day here in Australia, I teamed my glamour stockings with the Joan Set from What Katie Did, which isn't due to be restocked so if you want this gorgeous set, grab one sooner rather than later! I love how soft and beautiful it is and I cannot wait to see what other amazing sets What Katie Did bring out in 2017.

I hope you've all enjoyed this review and you can definitely expect to see more of these gorgeous stockings on my Instagram in 2017.

Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received some of these stockings as part of a sponsorship with What Katie Did, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 


  1. Thanks for a fabulous review. I swear by WKD stockings and find they are usually good for my thicker thighs (that includes the fully fashioned stockings). I could feel that the new range was even more comfortable, but your contrast picture shows why - that's a big difference. Thanks so much! Kx

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  3. I haven't tried any WKD (yet), mainly because stockings are usually too cold for where I live. I prefer tights because they are easy, you don't need any belts for them and because they are warmer. But now I have been lusting over stockings and any pretty underwear. I adore those coloured seams and I'm pretty sure now that they fit better for bigger thighs I will get some. Summer is coming! Unfortunately I noticed that the suspender belts and girdles may be too small for me. Should I try them anyway, my measurements are about +4cm more than in the size chart?

    And if you don't mind me saying - I love your butt!