Friday 2 June 2017

Celebrating Winter Vibes with Lola from Voodoo Vixen

For those who don't know, I live in the Southern Hemisphere down in Australia and our winter season has well and truly hit. The days have gotten dark and the wind is definitely cold. Winter has arrived to Sydney Australia in a big way and it means it’s time to break out the winter wear! Last winter I lived in knit tops and skirts…this year I’m trying to branch out a bit and add some winter dress styles to my wardrobe too. The Lola dress from Voodoo Vixen caught my eye for its classic style, hint of glamour with the fur collar and winteresque tartan pattern. She did not disappoint.
Flowers ~ Black Rose Double from Daisy Jean
Necklace ~ Black beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Wonderwoman brooch from Lady A Broad
Dress ~ Lola Dress from Voodoo Vixen
Heels ~ Nita Heels from Royal Vintage Shoes

The Lola dress was released by Voodoo Vixen as part of a collaboration with Pinup Blogger Rachel Ann Jensen (formerly Chicago Chic). Featuring both a wiggle style and flared style, I decided to opt for the flare as it would give me a greater window of wearability. I must admit, I was abit wary of how the green would look with my blonde locks (as a former red head I used to covet green with a passion for the red/green contrast) but was delighted to find it bolder in person than I’d expected. The Lola comes with a matching belt and a removable Faux Fur collar, allowing this dress to be worn with or without it.

The first thing that really blew me away with this dress was the bust detailing. The Lola features the most stunning bust pleating which for me really levels up the class of this dress. While the faux fur collar is detachable, I’ve quite enjoyed keeping it on as it actually holds in a considerable amount of warmth which is ideal for winter. Made of Polyester and Rayon this dress is great for keeping the warmth in during winter but I also feel like removing the collar would make it a great early spring/early autumn dress as the weather is still cooler but not cold. The faux fur is soft to touch and comfortable to wear. Though when the collar is attached the dress doesn’t open at the back to get into it and has to go over your head.

So lets talk sizing. All my recent Voodoo Vixen additions have been a size large. Reading the size chart as a true to size I opted for a Large in this dress too. While it fit well in the bust and waist, I did find it quite firm across the front of my shoulders. Now this has loosened with a bit of wear but I still need help zipping this dress up, as the restriction across this area stops me getting my arm behind my back. If you do carry weigh on your arms or upper back I would recommend sizing up for a more comfortable fit. While this dress isn’t uncomfortable to wear, the slight firmness can impact some of my reaching movements so I make sure I only wear it when my partner will be home to help me get out of it.

The Lola features 3 quarter sleeves, which is also great for the cooler weather as it means I don’t have to necessarily worry about taking a cardigan with me to wear in the office. The sleeve holes aren’t crazy small either (something I’ve annoyingly encountered in some brands recently) and they don’t pull around the elbows/upper arms. 

I've found the simple colours of the Lola so much fun to accessorize too! For this shoot I decided to incorporate one of my favorite brooches atm, Wonder Woman from Lady A Broad with black accents. I've also styled this dress with red details too with great success. This dress is definitely a versatile piece that can be styled many ways. I'm planning on styling it with a hat next for something a bit more true vintage in style.

The Lola dress is available from Voodoo Vixen and retails for £58.00/$101.29 + postage. If you’re in Australia you can also snap the Lola up from Aussie Stockists such as Gwynnies for $95 + postage (she also has the wiggle version Rachel in stock!).

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review! I’m shooting some exciting new collabs this weekend as well as getting my bristle roller youtube video edited!

Til next time darlings!

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  1. Such a beautiful dress to wear in winter, love the colours and the tartan this dress on you! xo