Friday, 9 June 2017

Channeling my inner Mae West with Evette Dubois Lingerie

Vintage sleepwear. Its amazing how the retro world took something that could have been mundane and made it amazing.  You only need to look at scenes from movies of the time or the endless patterns available on sites like etsy to see that evening wear was anything but boring. Whether it took on a more practical approach or was sheer with a touch of sexy, vintage sleep wear is rather glamourous compared to the more ‘practical’ comfortable lingerie we see now days like peter alexander. I personally quite like vintage sleep wear. I found a super comfortable vintage nighty in a thrift store last year that I wear a fair bit. I also inherited a number of silk nighties that in winter I’ll wear to bed from my grandmother. But as for something a bit more on the glamourous side…the thing you swoon around the house in like a goddess (think Debbie fromThe Addams Family)…my wardrobe was definitely lacking. So I was incredibly excited when my Australian Designer Melissa of Evette Dubois I knew I’d found that goddess glamour I’ve been lacking.

For those who have never heard of Evette Dubois Lingerie, it’s a handmade vintage inspired brand based in Melbourne Australia. Run by the lovely Melissa, a young woman whose love of dressmaking and vintage spans back through her grandmother who was a dress maker in Melbourne in the 1950s. From her grandmother her love of the finer points of dress making as well as the nostalgia of times gone passed was nurtured and she followed in her grandmother’s footsteps and studied dress making herself.  To share her passions, she started Evette Dubois, a place of gorgeous silks and custom designs. All her fabrics are the highest grade of 100% silk and are made from a mix of machine sewing and hand sewing. One of her biggest beliefs about her work is she always say that it's the model that brings them to life. No matter how many years she’s worked in the industry a garment is nothing till it has a model that breathes personality into a piece and gives it that movement.

When Melissa contacted me about a piece, we spent a few emails talking about styles and eras I liked, my personality and most importantly, my shape before we started talking actual designs. I loved this attention to detail, especially as a curvier girl. We eventually settled on some ideas and Melissa went away to design. She ended up presenting not one but three possible looks and I could tell straight away she’d heard everything I’d said to her. But it as a no brainer. I loved the star detail on one set in particular so that became the winner. You can see the above final sketch that was the design I selected, which Melissa sent with my parcel. The process once I picked the design was for Melissa to order the supplies and to make the garment, which took a few weeks for her to finalise. It arrived in its own white brocade box, beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper and signature Evette Dubois ribbon. As I was unwell when it arrived, it definitely helped to lift my mood.

The Estelle night gown is honestly the thing of dreams. Made of silk, it draped over my curvy frame in a way that made me feel sensual and sexy. With influences from Mae West, this gown features star detailing, a leg split and contrasting blue crepe fabric that ruffle along the bottom and feature as the soft floaty sleeves. The star detailing gives a subtle cabaret feel without being too overpowering. The perfect night gown for swooning around the house. The night gown is incredibly comfortable and the sewing was well done. There were no loose strands or threads and it fit well to my body. The leg split made it easy to walk in without fear of tripping and I found the fabric moved well as I sat down, stood up and moved around my unit as I tested the feel of this gorgeous garment. The stars also weren't scratchy through the fabric! It closes with multiple hook and eyes down the side with a flap to cover the opening. I did find at my bust the covering flap did flare a little but it was a minimal issue. 

Overall I’m incredibly pleased with my Estelle nightgown. It’s comfortable, pretty but also practical which is something I adore. I’d also totally wear this for the appropriate shoots or in pageants too! Definitely a statement piece to turn heads, even if it’s just your own as you walk past the mirror. 

Estelle's matching counterpart is the stunning Marlene robe. Marlene is truly spectacular and it has such a glam feel that I can see myself sweeping through my unit with this on over everything in the coming winter months (a habit I picked up after inheriting a kimono robe off my mum, but feeling much more elegant in this one). Made of matching blue silk with white feather marabou, the Marlene features angel style sleeves which is my favorite feature of this piece, she’s floor length for the perfect sultry starlet sweeping walk and features a shawl style neckline.

The Marlene bodice is fitted, which is perfect for accentuating waists and smoothing hips. She fastens closed with matching blue silk buttons and a diamante buckle belt for the perfect finish. I absolutely adore my Marlene dressing gown and know any vintage loving gal who loves their sleep wear would too. As with my Estelle nightgown, the sewing was beautifully done with a neat finish inside and no loose threads.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review of these beautiful pieces from this amazing Australian small business! Melissa had such wonderful feedback about this set as well she decided to add it to her store, so you can also snap up these amazing goodies for yourself. These handmade pieces are available at Evette Dubois Lingerie’s etsy store which you can shop here. While I know for some people the prices may be high, keep in mind the amount of time and effort that goes into her pieces, not just the physical sewing but the actual designing/sourcing materials as well. If you’re after something unique and beautifully made, definitely give Evette Dubois Lingerie a look. She also does custom designs as well, so if nothing in the store particularly tickles your fancy, she can make something completely unique for you.

I had such a great time styling and shooting this gorgeous set for you all! Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these set as part of a collaboration with Evette Dubois, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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