Friday 7 July 2017

Nude foundations with House of Satin

Its a bit crazy sometimes for me to think how much my love of lingerie, especially vintage lingerie has grown over the past 2-3 years and how much its helped me flourish into a young woman instead of a young girl. Vintage foundations were something I'd long been interested in but had always been intimidated by, something I know many women feel. But making the leap to wearing retro foundations and undergarments pretty much full time has been one of the best choices I've made for my confidence. I am so grateful too that I have such amazing followers who allow me to embrace my love of foundations even with a curvy body. A brand I featured early on in my lingerie wearing days was House of Satin and its here again on my blog after they've recently relaunched. 

Wearing Foundation Control brief in nude, Foundation Lace suspender belt in nude, Foundation Lace Classic Bra  in Nude and Nude back seam stockings from House of Satin
House of Satin is a young brand from the UK was also just starting when I was. At the time I purchased and incredibly comfortable longline bra and suspender belt set. Originally known for its low priced designs which were possible due to using offcuts to make their pieces, they revamped their brand completely in 2016/17 to bring a better quality product to their store. Their new designs have a wider variety and nicer detailing as well as having a broader range. They've also introduced some gorgeous Deco styled bedwear, which is stunning in its simplicity.

With lingerie becoming a more regular occurrence on my blog and in my social media spaces, I was super excited when House of Satin reached out to me to share my thoughts on some pieces from their Foundation in Lace range, which is one of their new 'everyday friendly' lingerie collections they released with their revamp. I opted for beige, as I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone (I wear so much black now days) and it would be a good option under my white and cream wardrobe items. 

My set arrived pretty quickly with a pair of complimentary stockings and I was excited to give this set a try! It quickly became clear that the control brief packed a bigger punch than I'd expected and the sheer fabric made it impossible for the suspender belt that matched my natural measurements to stay up. A quick conversation with the wonderful House of Satin team quickly saw the size issue rectified and I soon had a set that fit comfortably. 

Firstly, I love this set. I love the soft lace and it has a subtle femininity that I find myself really enjoying. Its well made without any loose threads or noticeable flaws. I'll note here House of Satin make their lingerie in the UK. Its perfect for wearing under my lighter garments and its nice to be introducing some beige into my wardrobe. It has its pros and cons on my curvy form so I'm going to go through each piece and share the sizing with you and my thoughts on each.

Starting at the bottom, the suspender belt first. I really love the suspender belt. Its pretty, its simple and its comfortable. The stocking clasps are metal which is a big tick for me and I didn't have any of them pop out throughout a day of wear which is awesome. The straps are adjustable as well, which is great for a variety of shapes and I enjoy wearing it. It features 6 straps, with 3 on either side which I've previously said is the minimum I like to wear now days. When I wear the control brief with it I wear a size 12 in the suspender belt but without it I can comfortably wear a size 16 (the 16 slides down and won't stay up when worn with the control brief). The control brief on its own is also great. I've been loving wearing it with my vintage longline bra to give a smooth streamline under trousers and to help smooth me out. I wear a size 18 in this brief and while I love it, I am very conscious of the muffin it gives me without that smoothing of a longline bra. Matched with the House of Satin longline bra I think it would be an amazing combo for great shape.

Now while I adore these two items individually, I find them difficult to wear together. I've worn them together a couple of times now and it always has the same outcome. The slippery fabric of the Nylon/Elasticine blend, the suspender belt shifts around a lot and moves around a lot. In hindsight I feel the Nude full lace brief from this range would have been a better match for me and my curves, as it would have given a smoother transition from my bust to my hips. These briefs are definitely on my wishlist atm, as I feel that with the matching Longline bra and the lace briefs, this set could be a great versatile set to mix and match!

On that note, I absolutely adore the bra. Featuring lace cups that are mesh lined, I love the subtle detailing this gives to what would have been an otherwise plainer looking set. The small bow at the centre is also a soft feminine touch. This bra features comfortable adjustable straps that aren't too narrow and I adore the vintage shape this bra can give under a blouse or a tee. While its definitely no in 'bullet bra' territory, its a great soft cup wire free bra option for vintage gals looking for comfort and a vintage feel without too much point. For size reference I'm wearing a 38C which is my normal bra size.

I was also sent a pair of their new seam stockings to try, as these are an option they've recently added. These stockings are soft to touch and well made with a nude welt and a back seam (available in sheer black and nude). While very pretty and comfortable on my legs, I did struggle with getting the welts to accommodate my fuller thighs, which did made them a bit pinchy through the inner thigh area which was a shame. But I am aware my thighs are a bit fuller than most so its often hit or miss for me in the stocking department. My thighs atm are around 27-28 inches at their biggest, so ladies with slimmer thighs than mine should have no issue with the fit of these!

I hope you've all enjoyed this review and will give House of Satin a look! While some of my items feel a bit mis-matched, I've been incredibly happy with the quality and fit of my pieces and I'm very excited to see what House of Satin release next!

You can shop their Foundation in Lace set in Nude by clicking here. If nude isn't your colour its also available in Black and White as well. The items featured in this review are priced below:

While they aren't the low cost brand they once were, their prices fairly reflect their new higher quality pieces and wider ranges without breaking the bank and they ship worldwide! I'm definitely looking forward to adding some more House of Satin to my lingerie wardrobe and seeing what else they release in the future!

Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these items in collaboration with House of Satin, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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