Tuesday 24 February 2015

Erstwilder and the Reed Trade Fair

It's no secret I love Erstwilder. It's a brand I love and a brand I love sharing. I first discovered Erstwilder 18 months ago and have been a lover/collector ever since! They are an Australian company that make brooches, necklaces and earrings out of layered resin. Quirky, fun and limited editions, this brand has come to be loved by many in the pinup scene! 

So I was ever SO excited when I got a little email asking if I would be interested in working with them at an upcoming gift Fair. Naturally I jumped on the opportunity and from Friday last week to Monday this week I've had the pleasure of working with fellow Aussie pinup Lilla Rosten and the incredible Erstwilder team at the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney. 

I can honestly say this experience and opportunity has changed my life. I have never before had the privilege of working with such an incredibly dedicated, passionate and friendly group of people before. This environment and the new knowledge I've gained over the past 4 days has completely re shaped my thinking about myself, what direction I want to head and what I hope for the future. 

Also, getting to spend time sharing my love and passion for such an amazing brand with the companies customers was incredible. I was often asked my opinion on pieces and they were just as enthusiastic to talk about products as I was! 

This experience and opportunity will stay with me forever and I am so grateful and thankful to the Erstwilder team for allowing me to work with them and subsequently grow as a person! This is an amazing company and expect to see more of it on my page!!

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