Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wishlist Wednesday - 25/2/2015 - Office chic

Hello all!

Its Wednesday which means its Wishlist Wednesday!

As I'm back in an office full time now to a shift in my work schedule, office chic pinup pieces are now HIGH on my wishlist...and really I have two stops to fill this need: 

Pin Up Girl Clothing and Tatyana Boutique!

I currently have a BIG wishlist for friendly pin up attire which means I'm hoping to order new goodies very soon and some of those I'll be sharing below!

Pin Up Girl Clothing!

I'm honestly a HUGE lover of this brand! Literally, I have a wardrobe devoted solely to my PUG collection! Below are some of their more office friendly pieces I'm currently hungry for!

I honestly ADORE both of these so much and lvoe the colours together! As I'm in need of some more wiggle styles for work, this is right on my list!

Forever a lover of dresses that look like a skirt and a top, I've been a massive fan of this baby since she came out and I'm starting to think its time I made her mine!

I've never really been a fan of wide legged pants but I think seeing how well Doris wears them may have converted me! These will be incredible this coming winter!

I already own these in another colour and they are INCREDIBLE! I seriously need the black for work though, these would be so much fun to match with colourful tops!

I've been in LOVE with this dress since it was released. Even though I don't think its something I'd be comfortable in, I really love the cut!

Tatyana's Boutique

I already own quite a few Tatyana dresses and I LOVE them for work, already having worn one in the last week! Below I'll be listing some favorites I would LOVE to add to that list!

I honestly LOVE this dress! The cut, the colours, how much fun it would be to accessories! And on sale! Talk about a WIN!!

I've loved the Rita since I first saw her, something about being a redhead and green! But its definitely on my list now more than ever! This beauty WILL be mine!

I originally loved Sierra in green, but recently have fallen in love with her black counterpart! So beautifully simple and elegant! Maybe I'll still get the green for Christmas!

After my first Tatyana suit arriving in the mail and falling IN LOVE I am now eyeing this one off for winter! It screams first lady, which I adore and I am a huge lover of Navy!

So that's it for my wishlist! Looking forward to sharing more with you next week!

I'm rededicating myself to this blog space so there is a LOT coming up! I'll post a list later for you all!

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